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Report on the Workshop on “Recent Trends in Manufacturing”

27-28th March 2014
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa
Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, organized a two day workshop on “Recent Trends in
Manufacturing” during 27th and 28th of March 2014. The workshop was partly sponsored
by ISRO.
It was inaugurated by Dr.K.Mohandas, Deputy Dean, Amrita School of Engineering. The
need and significance of the workshop was highlighted by Dr.S.Thirumalini, Chairperson,
Department of Mechanical Engineering. The keynote address was delivered by Shri. S.
Rakesh, Deputy Director, Composites Entity, ISRO, VSSC, Trivandrum.
Ten technical sessions highlighting advances in manufacturing, which included digital
manufacturing, high speed machining, composite materials & processing, research issues
in manufacturing aerospace components, additive manufacturing, advances in tooling,
repair of composite structures, micro machining, tool condition monitoring and
simulation of welding process was conducted. The lectures were delivered by Dr.A.Raja
from WRI, Dr.Rameshkumar Katta from DRDL, Dr.D.Saji from NAL,
Dr.U.Chandrasekhar from ESCI, Shri.M. Subba Rao from TAML, and
Dr.K.Rameshkumar, Dr.R.Padmanaban, Shri.S.Ravikumar from academia. Senior
Engineers from industries like L&T and Sandvik also shared their experiences during the
Faculty from academic institutions, practicing engineers and scientists from research
organizations took part in the two day workshop. As a part of the workshop, participants
were also taken to the in-house precision machining facility available at the Amrita BioMedical Centre of the Amrita University campus.
The workshop on “Recent trends in Manufacturing” had been successful in indicating the
future manufacturing requirements and helped in fostering an understanding between
academicians, scientists and practicing engineers. The workshop was coordinated by Shri.
P. Krishnakumar, Dr.M.Saimurugan and Shri A. Sumesh.