OPTION THREE – Create a 80’s inspired video dating montage. The final product is a film.

The film needs to be live action. ESSENTIAL QUESTION- Do the candidates demonstrate a deep understanding of the novel? *It needs to be clearly apparent that you “get” the characters. This is an exercise in analyzing Shelley’s characterization. Interpretation of characteristics needs to be based on the novel. Any omittance to key character traits will drastically lower the overall effect and thus one’s grade. Characters You have chosen three characters. Each character is indeed a dynamic/round character.

Group Members



GOOD 9-8

FAIR 7-6

POOR 5-0

Distribution of Work- Equal distribution of work load/responsibility. You have properly completed and submitted the work distribution documentation. Characterization – You have hit at the heart of all three characters. By you characters expressing their expectations and preferences with the dating service, you have effectively conveyed the essence of their character traits. Any interpretation (traits not clearly stated though dialogue or narration) can and will need to be supported/defended orally upon the presentation of the film. Editing- Editing of the film enhanced the overall aesthetic. Scene transition was fluid. Supplemental audio levels were at an appropriate level to not hinder dialogue. The original intro from the 80’s example was utilized in the film. Length- The dating service vignettes were of a necessary length to properly convey the essence of each character. Oral - Words are pronounced correctly, voices are heard. Your speech is animated based on the dictation of the individual character and topic being discussed.

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