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We Republican Committee members in Blair County, do hereby express our

disappointment in Congressman Shuster for his vote on December 11, 2014, in

favor of H.R. 83, the so-called Cromnibus $1.1 trillion, 1,600 page spending
In his recent re-election bid, Congressman Shuster repeatedly labeled himself a
fiscal conservative. These statements make it even more difficult to accept the
Congressmans enthusiastic support of this bill.
The bill is filled with pork barrel special-interest spending, and does nothing to
stop President Obamas illegal amnesty plan. In fact, the bill finances the amnesty
plan that Republican leaders purported to be against when the President first
announced it on November 20th.
Some of the more perplexing parts of the Cromnibus bill are as follows:
$250 million more than requested for the Environmental Protection Agency,
funding the War on Coal and other disastrous regulations
$636 million in new money for the Department of Energy
$3 billion more for the Defense Department than requested
Will allow private companies to cut benefits of current retirees
Renewal of unproductive wind industry tax credits to benefit wealthy wind
Removal of previously-approved surveillance reform measures (NSA)
Barring the Department of Agriculture from shuttering redundant Farm Service
Agency offices $1 billon to fund President Obamas gun control agenda
We object to this massive bill being voted on with virtually no public input or time
for review. We wonder if Congressman Shuster, or any Congressmen read the
entire 1,600 page bill before voting YES.
We also strenuously object to Congressman Shuster using his clout as
Transportation Committee Chair to pressure other members of the Pennsylvania
delegation to vote for this flawed bill, as reported by Politico.

We join other national conservative organizations such as Heritage Action,

FreedomWorks, Citizens Against Government Waste, Club for Growth, Campaign
for Liberty, The Eagle Forum, Gun Owners of America, in opposing this bill.
Members of Blair County Republican Committee sign here: