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Used basically for visualizations, for plottong the graphs.

Command Window similiar to Command Prompt.

New Script or Cntrl+N, Play to run the code.
"clc" to clear the screen.
"clear all" to clear all the variables.
"size(a)" to know the matrix.
"close all" to clode all the windows.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------To create a 1x5 matrix b=[1 2 3 4 5]
To create a 5x1 matrix c=[3; 4; 5; 2; 1;]
(instead of ";" or "enter")
To create 3x2 matrix d=[1 2 3; 4 5 6]
Accessing the element d(2,1)
Accessing all the columns/rows d(1,:) or d(:,1)
Matrix Multiplication



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Define the variables.

"x=0:1:80;" Syntax means starting from 0 to 80 with gap of 1.
"plot(x,y);grid;" grid would give us an additional grid.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Logic for the "for loop"
for variable start number : end number
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------F5 for run.
plot(x,y,'r');grid; for different color combinations.
'k' black
plot(x,y,'or') for dotted

plot(x1,y1,'r',x2,y2,'b')for two different colored lines.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------For simple integration :Y(i) = Y(i-1) + (df/dt)*dt