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MBA Strategic Plan for Social Media

This document was created to establish a social media strategy for the MBA program at Otterbein University.
Because social media is increasingly popular amongst our students, alumni, local businesses and
professionals, it serves as a platform to reach our target audience and engage in two-way conversation. The
goal of this report is to create a social media strategy that increases value to our stakeholders, strengthens
current and potential relationships, and allows for feedback and/or engagement with the program.

Current MBA students

Potential MBA students; consider current undergrad students who may apply to the program
Stakeholders (alumni, faculty/staff, local community, board members, and professionals/companies who
have an established relationship with the program)
Local employers that may want to hire from, or send employees to our Program

Goals, Strategies & Tactics

Goal: Increase pride and affiliation; show the institutions prestige side (private school feel)
o Strategy: Use social media to engage current students and alumni in a way that creates a sense
of community.
Pictures of events, students, campus
o Action: Retrieve pictures from marketing department and take new
pictures at events, in classroom or around campus, create photo contest
of campus or Roush
o Action: ask students and alumni to post selfies with their t-shirts in their
environment, at work/home, during their travels, etc.
Post program reminders and upcoming events
o Action: Post event flyers and reminders of PLDP, etc.
Encourage engagement
o Action: Ask questions, Throwback Thursday, caption me, contests etc.
Goal: Create lead generation by increasing visibility, status and prestige
o Strategy: Use social media to present an image of quality to a wider audience.
Post program news
Highlight prestigious events
Post relevant business articles
Twitter Hashtag Campaign
Share program videos


o Currently have Twitter Account OtterbeinMBA
o Twitter Hashtag Campaign : #GameChangers

o Currently have LinkedIn Group Otterbein University - MBA Students, Alumni, Faculty & Friends
o Do not currently have; MBA is tied into the Graduate School, but that was because we didnt have
time to manage a separate page on our own
o Do not currently have; Im not as familiar with Instagram (need a tutorial on its functionality and

Cross-Promotion strategy:

Tie in social media to advertising platforms

o Emails
o Billboards
o Flyers
o Bulletin boards
o Radio

Modifying Strategy

Learn from posts that receive high interaction levels

o Time of day
o Type of Post
o Subject of post
o Visual v. nonvisual
o Type of interactions
o Category of people interacting
o Etc.
Post new content accordingly.