The Florida Education Stakeholders Empowerment Act

DRAFT Executive Summary
The purpose of this legislation is to empower all stakeholders and reclaim the educational
sovereignty by the State of Florida under the US Constitution for the Legislature and citizens of
Florida; for the duly elected school boards under the Florida Constitution; for teachers to spend
more time teaching their students to help them thrive according to their knowledge and skills; for
students to reclaim learning time instead of testing in order to have a broad based academic
education that will enable them to choose their own path and to preserve our Republic; reaffirm
inherent parental rights to raise and educate their children, and unleash their children’s creative

 Local School District and Stakeholder Empowerment
 Gives School Districts choice to select from Legislature approved “only pre2009 best state Standards for ELA and Math
-all other standards belong to the District
 Revises all current Statutes to substitute existing “Next Generation Sunshine
State Standards” with “Florida Standards”
 Reduces all State mandated testing to District choice of just one nationally
normed test from a Florida Legislature pre-approved list
- all other testing is the responsibility of the District
 Requires that any student data be “ aggregated, anonymized and deidentified” when leaving the school district
 Limits testing accountability to 50 % of the nationally normed test and
provides for 50% based on constructive learning environments of each school
 Give legal authority for parents to opt out of testing and has an “opt in” for sex
education, family definition, family values, etc.

Bottom Line: This continues to allow the Florida Legislature to control the
quality of education throughout Florida schools and School Districts but
enables each school and school teacher to unleash the creative potential of
each child!