Complete Structured Cabling Systems for Multi-dwelling Units

Ortronics, a leader in high performance structured cabling products and solutions, has tailored its commercial product offering to fit multi-dwelling environments. Ortronics Connect system provides a single point of management and distribution for all media applications. The Ortronics Connect system is a complete multimedia structured cabling system that supports voice, high speed data, audio/video entertainment, internet access, security monitoring equipment and more. The center of the modular Connect system is an attractive enclosure available in 10", 20" and 36" heights, which holds a wide range of single purpose and combination modules. The resident sees only a discreet, low profile enclosure while getting the benefit of whole home networking. For the contractor, the Connect system is very easy to install and maintain. All products meet the TIA/EIA-570-A residential standards.

25-Year Warranty
A system installed by an Ortronics Certified Installer guarantees: • • • The best warranty in the industry covering voice and data connectivity and panels and an Ortronics approved fiber and copper cable Exceptional installation (backbone and units) Maximum performance of the entire structured cabling system

11 10 6 8 10 11 12 6 8 5 5 4 9
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Demarcation point Incoming service (voice/data/coax) from access providers 110 block for voice/data Enclosure Main terminal space Intrabuilding backbone cable (coax and data/voice) Distribution device/enclosure 7 8 9 10 11 Data and voice patch panel (in each unit) TV patch panel (one per unit) Distribution device cords Outlet cables (Category 5e, 6 and RG-6) Telecommunication outlet (Category 5e or Category 6 and CATV) 12 Equipment cord

12 11 10 12

7 9 7

11 10 12




Note: 25-year warranty includes TracJack® modules, voice and data panels and Berk-Tek® Cable. For more information, please contact an Ortronics representative.

For product information visit or contact sales at 800-934-5432

Removable trim ring and door can be mounted for left or right opening— covers up exposed edges of dry wall

Flexible mounting tabs for inconsistent stud spacing Cable management slots for versatility in organizing cables EIA/TIA standard mounting rails accepts industry standard mounting screws for unmatched durability

Base and door have textured off-white finish to resist scratches; aesthetically pleasing to compliment any decor

Hinged door with key lock secure yet easily accessible Made from 16 gauge steel for maximum strength

Designed to fit between studs Accepts full-size modules for increased density and total separation of installer and customer access

Oval cable entry/exit holes

Electrical knockout accommodates AC requirements

Connect Enclosures
Ortronics Connect enclosures are the distribution and administration point for voice, audio and video entertainment, computer networking, high speed internet access, home office and more. All enclosures hold any combination of our modules, which are sold separately. Enclosures come in three different sizes: 10" (holds up to five modules), 20" (holds up to ten modules) and 36" (holds up to 20 modules). All enclosures may be mounted between standard wall studs to be flush with the wall surface.
OR-MDUE10 Size: 10" H Recommended Capacity: Up to eight voice, eight data and eight video Description: Enclosure with hinged door holds up to five 1-rack unit modules. 14.25" W x 10" H x 4.0" D OR-MDUE36 Size: 36" H Recommended Capacity: Up to 32 voice, 32 data and 32 video Description: Enclosure with hinged door holds up to 20 1-rack unit modules. 14.25" W x 36" H x 4.0" D

OR-MDUE20 Size: 20" H Recommended Capacity: Up to 16 voice, 16 data and 16 video Description: Enclosure with hinged door holds up to ten 1-rack unit modules. 14.25" W x 20" H 4.0" D

Connect Panels
• Superior quality steel construction • Provide total separation between installer and customer access • Designed to flip over for easy termination • Feature 110 termination on rear (T568A/B) • Clearly labeled for ease of identification • Complete with industry standard mounting screws to ensure durability OR-MDUD16

OR-MDUD16 16-port, Category 5e, for either voice or data. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUD16-C6 16-port, Category 6, for high performance data (consult sales for product availability). 1 rack unit. OR-MDUD88 Eight-port, Category 5e, for data, one eight-port voice bridge. 1 rack unit.

Did You Know?
Star Wiring
Each outlet is independently cabled back to a central point (distribution device) and can be changed without disruption to any other outlets. A star wired system simplifies design, provides the highest performance, is easiest to troubleshoot and provides the most flexibility. The components of a system are the distribution device, the panels inside the distribution device, the cable and the outlets. OR-MDUD88


OR-MDUP16 This telephone module has a total of 13 outputs with various line configurations. There are six outputs of lines 1, 2, 3 and 4, and seven additional outputs of various configurations. Has RJ 31X jack, includes patch cords. 1 rack unit. OR-MDU110 100-pair, Category 5e 110 block kit. Comes with 20 110-C4 and four 110-C5 connecting clips and designation labeling kit. 2 rack units. OR-MDUTJ10 (not shown) TracJack® patch panels accept up to eight TracJack modules (sold separately). Use for a variety of applications—voice, data, coaxial and fiber optics. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUD8 This eight port voice bridge has RJ 31X jack, TracJack and jumpers. 1 rack unit.

ANSI/TIA/EIA-570-B Residential Cabling Standard
This standard raises the cabling infrastructure requirements of a new residential construction to meet the needs of existing and emerging telecommunication services. The standard addresses the requirements of voice, data, video, fiber and multimedia services. The standard specifies: • Minimum requirements for telecommunications cabling within a residence • Distance limitations • Connector and pin assignments • Outlet location requirements • Distribution device requirements • Requirements for new construction and renovations OR-MDUD8 OR-MDU110

OR-MDUC8 Four-way (2 GHZ) video splitter, eight bridged voice and one TracJack. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUC8 OR-MDUC88 Eight-way (2 GHZ) video splitter, eight bridged voice, Category 5e eight port data and one TracJack. 2 rack units. OR-MDUC88P (not shown) Eight-way (2 GHZ) video splitter, eight port Category 5e voice/data, and eight port voice patching module. Patch cords included. 2 rack units.

FCC Requirements— It's the Law
In the Third report and order (CC Docket No. 88-57), released on January 10, 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established minimum inside telephone wiring quality standards to promote consumer access to existing and advanced telecommunications services.


For product information visit or contact sales at 800-934-5432

OR-MDUV3X8 Active, bi-directional, eight outputs to eight TV sets with cables up to 150 feet; three inputs—one from CATV or antenna and two from modulated signals. Has eight distribution ports. Includes power supply. 2 rack units. OR-MDUVMS Active satellite multi-switch for dual LNB system. Connects up to four satellite receivers. With CATV/antenna input and eight distribution ports. Includes power supply. 2 rack units. OR-MDUVMS

OR-MDUH5* Five port 10Base-T hub with switchable uplink port. 2 rack units. OR-MDUS8* Eight port 10/100Base-T switch. 2 rack units. OR-MDUR4* Broadband router with four port 10/100 switch. 2 rack units.


OR-MDUV4-2G Four-way splitter (2 GHZ) with six distribution ports. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUV4-2G OR-MDUV8-2G Eight-way splitter (2 GHZ) with 12 distribution ports. 2 rack units.

* Includes magnetic mounting pad and
power supply.

OR-MDUSP The speakers feature a 6.5" woofer, and crossover circuitry. 12" x 8.625", color is white.

OR-MDUV8-2G OR-MDUV12 12 port video Patch Panel provides termination points for the organization of additional coaxial cables. 12 feedthrough F-connectors for patching/ redirection coaxial services. 1 rack unit.

OR-MDUVC Impedance Matching Volume Controls. Color is cloud white. 40 watt, 32-ohm.


OR-MDUCM Cable management panel allows for easy punch-down of voice and data modules. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUCM OR-MDUB Blank panel, used for mounting hubs, switches, routers and customer supplied equipment. 2 rack units. OR-MDUB1 (not shown) Blank panel. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUB

OR-MDUVS Ortronics Voice Line Splitter plugs into an RJ45 (T568A) jack and provides access for up to four telephone lines for both single and two line telephones. Includes patch cord.

OR-MDUA10 Connects up to ten sets of speakers. 1 rack unit. OR-MDUA10

Connect Faceplates, Outlets, Modules
Ortronics TracJack modules offer labor savings, high quality, enhanced performance and tremendous flexibility. TracJack front removable snap-in modules make moves, adds and changes easy.

Ortronics Connect faceplates accommodate TracJack® modules to provide the ultimate in flexibility for residential applications. Standard color is cloud white. Consult sales for additional colors.




OR-63700006-88 OR-TJ5E00-88 Category 5e jack, for voice or data OR-TJ600-88 Category 6 jack, for voice or data OR-63700005-88 RJ25C for voice applications OR-63700006-88 Coax "F" connector



OR-63700046-88 RCA to 110 termination, two module set (one red, one black) OR-63700044-88 Speaker Terminal two module set, binding post (one red, one black) OR-63700026-88 1-MT-RJ (two fibers) feed-through, 180° exit, multimode, beige OR-63700017-88 1-SC metal sleeve, 180° exit, multimode, beige OR-63700011-88 1-ST metal sleeve, 180° exit, multimode, beige

TracJack Faceplates shown with TracJack Modules

OR-63700047-88 RCA to 110 termination, one module (yellow) OR-63700025-88 S-Video with 110 termination OR-63700002-88 Kit of ten blank modules

OR-40300670P-88 Single gang, holds one TracJack OR-40300570P-88 Single gang, holds two TracJacks OR-40300571P-88 Single gang, holds three TracJacks OR-40300572P-88 Single gang, holds four TracJacks OR-40300573P-88 Single gang, holds six TracJacks

Berk-Tek® Cabling
Berk-Tek cabling products help provide the infrastructure to support the capabilities of today's technologies as well as those of the future, creating a total solution for Ortronics Connect customers. For more than 40 years, Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, has been a leading manufacturer of network copper and fiber optic cable products. The compaBerk-Tek cabling products are legendary for being extremely installer-friendly.

ny has led in the development of highperformance and enhanced UTP cables designed to transport high-speed data and voice transmissions. Berk-Tek's HOMEmarkTM series of structured cabling products combines the Category 5e UTP cables you need for voice, data, and video in a single, easy-to-pull, installer-friendly cable.
Category 5e UTP components provide the extra performance for voice, fax, data, security home automation and broadband video.


RG-6 coaxial components carry cable television, satellite television, CATV, CCTV and cable modems.



OR-MDU011 One Category 5e and one F-connector, cloud white, includes faceplate. OR-MDU022 Two Category 5e and two F-connectors, cloud white, includes faceplate. OR-MDUHT Five pair, gold plated binding posts.

A one-cable, one-pull solution for today's wired family.

Available with Enhanced Category 5e, Category 6 and Enhanced Category 6 UTP as well as optical fiber

An extra RG-6 coaxial component allows the clean, simultaneous use of cable or satellite television and a cable modem.

PART NO. 10057946 10057950 10057948

DESCRIPTION 2 Category 5e, 2 RG-6 2 Category 5e, 1 RG-6 1 Category 5e, 2 RG-6

Consult your local distributor for cable options and availability.

Typical Applications

Suggested Configurations

Technology. It's a feature that adds value to property, and one that prospective residents have come to expect. Ortronics, with over 35 years experience in the structured cabling industry, is committed to providing the technology that will allow multidwelling owners and managers to: • increase revenue • enhance property value

Why Choose Ortronics? When searching for a structured cabling system for the multi-dwelling environment, search carefully. Your choice of products should revolve around three basic criteria: • quality and flexibility of product • cost and availability • manufacturer and installer Ortronics gives you all three! • 800-934-5432 125 Eugene O'Neill Drive, New London, CT 06320

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