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Published by: Carlos Bonatto on Jan 14, 2010
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Part Number: Description: OR-63700070 TracJack Module, Phono/RCA to 110 TracJack Module, single RCA Phono jack with 110 termination (white). TracJack is a versatile single jack solution in a front-load footprint which allows a choice of up to six jacks/ connectors to fit in a single gang plate

s Specifications
Category Performance/ Application Footprint Color Number of Ports Labeling & Identification Height Width Depth Product Type or Accessory RCA/Phono TracJack Fog White 1-port YES .92" (23.37 mm) .73" (18.54 mm) 1.10" (27.94 mm) Connector

Page 1 of 2 Date Printed: 6/28/2007

s Construction
Material Plastic Series II Housing Female RCA connectors IDC contacts, 110 D2 Printed circuit board High Impact Thermoplastic ABS 94V-0 White Insulator Phosphor bronze Two-sided FR-4 epoxy resin/glass base with solder mask Nickel plating and tin lead over plate Finish/Plating

s Features
• RCA/110 connectors • Color-coded connectors • Front Removable • Rugged snap-in design •

s Benefits
• Provides quick cable termination • Provide identification • Less intrusive access for adds, moves, changes • Quick and easy •

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