Year 13 Media Friday 15/01/2010 Individually you are to investigate a given newspaper.

You must present the following in a powerpoint presentation for Monday’s lesson. The allocation is as follows; 1. Rosie- The Sun 2. Dara- The Guardian 3. Harriet- The Mirror 4. Sam- The Express 5. Ed- The Times 6. Tom- The Telegraph 7. Sid- The Daily Express You are to find out the following; 1. A timeline of the newspaper, from when it was first established to the present day? 2. What is the ethos or ideology of the newspaper? 3. What do we mean by bias, is there evidence of this in your chosen paper? 4. How popular is it? What are its sales figures? 5. How would you describe the target demographic (sex/age/location/social class) for the newspaper? Find another source to back up your claims. 6. Look at a copy of the newspaper, find one in the school. What are the major headlines in your issue, is this newspaper an example of unbiased reporting? 7. Who is the editor of your newspaper, what is their background? 8. Does your newspaper have anyone who sits on the Press Complaints Commission board? 9. Find one PCC complaint that was bought forward against your paper.

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