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God Creates, God Loves

I Am Special

Read Aloud Suggestions

I Like Myself by: Karen Beaumont
What I Like About Me! by: Allia
Zobel Nolan & Miki Sakamoto
I Like Myself by: Graciela
Only One You by: Linda Kranz
Im Gonna Like Me by: Jamie Lee
Kurtis & Laura Cornell
Its OK to be Different by: Todd

Guided Questions
What is the same about (choose 2 students)? They both have hair, eyes, are both in kindergarten
What is different about (choose 2 students)? One likes to dance/one likes hockey, one can sing/one can
build, one can run fast/one can do a summersault
Why do you think God made everyone different?
How did God make you special?

Teachers and students may develop additional questions to guide their learning inquiry

Learning Goals
At the end of this lesson, students will:

State that God is our creator.

Verbalize the concept of Gods creating and loving me.
State how I sense that God loves me.
State that God made me special.

Lesson Plan
Read the book: I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont, or a selection from the list above (or your own library).
Have the children take magnifying glasses, look at fingers/hand through the glass, and state what he/she
sees. With paint or ink make a fingerprint of forefinger of each student on white post-it note. Compare
fingerprints using the magnifying glass. State how every fingerprint is unique to the person. Place the

fingerprints with students name on chart paper with the words I am special or use the following template
placing the students fingerprint in the center of the magnifying glass.
Teach and sing the song: I Am Special
I Am Special
Tune: Are You Sleeping
I am special, I am special.
If you look, you will see.
Someone very special.
Someone very special.
That is me, That is ME!
Complete lesson by reading Psalm 139 and thank God for creating me.
Faith Fair Project
Draw a picture of myself and print why I am beautiful.
See following template.

The students will be able to express one or two of the following statements
State words or phrases that describe how I love myself and what makes me special.

God Made Me Beautiful

I am beautiful because____________________



God Made the World

Read Aloud Suggestions

The Creation Story for Children by:
Helen Haidle
God Made it For You!; The Story of
Creation by: Charles Lehmann
7 Days of Creation by: Mindy
God Made the World and Me by:
Helen & David Haidle

Guided Questions
Why is the sky blue or the grass green?
Where did we come from?
Who made all the different animals in the world?
Where did the world come from?

Learning Goals
Teachers and students may develop additional questions to guide their learning inquiry.
At the end of this lesson, students will:

State that God is our creator and made all living and natural things.
State some of their favorite things God has created.
Distinguish between what God has created and what people have created.

Lesson Plan
Begin the lesson by posing the guided questions to the children.

I am wondering . . . who made the world? Who made all the people? Who made all the
Where did we come from?

Read the following story of Creation or choose an available book from the suggested read aloud list.
In the beginning...
In the beginning there was no earth or sky or sea or animals. And then God spoke in the darkness: Let

there be light! And right away there was light, scattering the darkness and showing the infinite space.
Thats good! said God. From now on, when its dark it will be night and when its light, it will be day.
The evening came and the night passed and then the light returned. That was the first day.
On the second day, God made the earth and over it He carefully hung a vast blue sky. He stood back and
admired His creation. Thats good too! said God and the second day was over.
The next morning God looked around and thought, the earth needs to be a bit more organized. So, He put
all the water in one place and all the dry land in another. When He had finished that, God made plants to
cover the land. Dandelions and daffodils appeared. All sorts of trees and grasses began to grow. Its looking
great, said God and that was the end of the third day.
On the fourth day, God looked around and though, the daylight still needs a bit more work and the night is
just too dark. So, He made the sun to light the sky during the day and the moon and stars to add a bit of
sparkle to the night. He hung them in the sky and stepped back to look at his work. This is coming along
very well, said God.
The next day, God turned his attention to the water he had collected in the oceans. I want these waters
teeming with life! As soon as He said it, it was so. In no time, there were millions of small fish darting
through the shallow water and huge fish swimming in the ocean. God made birds, too. He sent them soaring
through the air. Ahh, that IS good!, said God. The dusk fell over the water and the sky grew dark and that
was the end of the fifth day.
On the sixth day, God added creatures to the land. He made lions and tigers and bears. He made rabbits
and sheep and cows. He added everything from ants to zebras to the land. But He still felt something was
missing. So God added Mankind to enjoy and take care of all that He had created. God looked around and
was happy with all He had made.
After six days, the whole universe was completed. On the seventh day God had a nice long rest and enjoyed
looking at all He had made.
Take the class on a walk outside to be on the look-out for all the things God has made.
As a whole group brainstorm together all the things God has created. Make a chart list of all ideas shared.
Word wall words are provided as an extension to this lesson.
Sing the following song: 2 songs provided for your choice
Days of Creation song
Sung to the tune of "This old Man"

On day one God made light

Made the difference in day and night
God just spoke the words and it came true
Wonder what else God will do?
On day two Split in two
Skies above the water blue
God just spoke the words and it came to be
What will happen on day three?
On day three God made land
Then he put plants in the sand

God made herbs and grass and fruit on the tree

This was all done on day three
On day four God made lights
Some for days and some for nights
Stars are dim, but the sun and the moon are bright
Aren't you glad that God made lights
On day five God made alive
Fish for the waters and birds for the skies
All the things that swim and birds to fly
These were made on day five
On day six God did fix
Animals, mankind and even ticks
God made lizards, cats, and other things that lick
Animals were created on day six
On day seven God in heaven
Rested from all the work he'd done
He'd made the earth, the stars, the moon, and sun
It was good what God had done
Written by: Robyn C. White

A Creation Song
(Sung to Brahams Lullaby)

Day One Night and Day

Day Two Sky and Water
Day Three Plants and Land
Day Four Sun, Moon, and Stars
Day Five Birds and Fish
Day Six Animals and Man
Day Seven God Rested
That's how the world began.

Have the students choose a partner and share knee-to-knee/eye-to-eye their favorite thing God has created.
Have the students complete the worksheet provided. The children must draw a picture of their favorite thing
God created and print a sentence or word stating their favorite thing and why it is their favorite.
Faith Fair Project
Create Number Posters depicting the creation story. Each number will represent what God created on that
day. The children can work in groups creating a collage using stickers, crayons, paint or various materials of
your choice.
See the following picture and suggestions as an example.

Day 1 - Black & white construction paper to resemble God separating light from dark.
Day 2 - Use blue pastels to color the number two, and then glue on a few cotton balls for clouds.
Day 3 - Glue flowers on the number.
Day 4 - Cut the four using black construction paper. Add stars using a stamp dipped in white paint. A thumb
print in yellow paint will create a sun. Draw a moon or use a sticker.
Day 5 and 6 - Chose appropriate stickers to put on each of these numbers. Day 5 -birds and fish. Day 6 other animals.
Day 7 - Glue clouds on the number to resemble God 'resting'.
Your numbers should be large enough for groups to work on. HAVE FUN!!

The students will be able to complete at least one of the following tasks
Identify items that God created.
Differentiate between man-made and God created items.
Recall sequence of the Creation story.
Using the number posters retell the story of The Creation.

This is My Favourite Thing God Created



I Can Talk to God

Read Aloud Suggestions

What Happens When I Talk to God by: Stormie Omartian
& Shari Warren
I Can Talk to God by: Helen Caswell
I Can Talk With God by: Debby Anderson
I Can Talk to God by: Christine Harder Tangvald
I Can Talk With God by: Carolyn Muller Wolcott
I Can Talk to God-Anytime Any Place by: Jane Belk
I Can Talk to God by: Dandi Daley Mackall
I Can Talk to God by: Sally Lloyd Jones
I Can Talk to God...Anytime, Any Place by: Jennie Davis

Guided Questions
Who can you pray to?
When can you pray to God?
When do you pray to God?
How do you pray to God?

Learning Goals
Teachers and students may develop additional questions to guide their learning inquiry.
At the end of this lesson, students will:

Explain that God will listen to their prayers

Discuss that you can pray anytime and anywhere.
Understand that we can ask God to take care of others.

Lesson Plan
Gather the children in a circle and place a phone, letter and addressed envelope, and a laptop computer in
the center of the circle.
Tell the children that all these items can be used for the same thing. Have the children turn to a partner and
discuss knee-to-knee/eye-to-eye what they think the items can be used for.
Have the children gather back in the circle and share their ideas.
Explain to the children that these items can all be used to talk to someone far away.

Ask the children if we can use these items to talk to God. Ask them if they know the best way to talk to God.
Explain that we talk to through prayer. Today we will learn that prayer is communicating or talking with God.
We may not be able to call God on the telephone or send Him a letter, but prayer is the best way to talk to
God. Why should we pray? Because it makes our friendship with God stronger. Could you imagine trying to
have a best friend without talking with them?
Read the book: What Happens When I Talk to God? The Power of Prayer for Boys and Girls by Stormie
Omartian & Shari Warren (or a similar book in your collection or from the Read Aloud suggestions).
Have the children discuss the following questions...
When can we talk to God?
What can we talk to God about?
What can we ask God for help with?
God cares for us and wants to hear from us. He knows what is going to happen and promises never to
leave us. We may have problems and God will help us through them. You cant stay close to friends if you
never talk to them and the same is true with God. To have a friendship we need to talk to and listen to God.
Have the children complete the enclosed prayer wheel titleI Can Pray When I

Teach and sing the song: When We Pray for Each Other

When We Pray for Each Other

Tune: The More We Get Together
When we pray for each other
each other, each other
When we pray for each other
the stronger well be
Cause your prayers
and my prays,
together make great prayers
When we pray for each other
the stronger well be
The more we love each other
each other, each other
The more we love each other
the happier well be
Cause your love
and my love,
together is Gods love
The more we love each other
the happier well be

I Will Say My Prayers

Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
I will say my prayers
each and every day
I will always talk to God
and he hears what I say
Faith Fair Project
Have the children draw a picture of what they will pray for on the worksheet provided. Two worksheets are
provided one depicting a girl praying and the other depicting a boy praying.

The students will be able to explain that God will always listen to their prayers.
The students will be able to discuss that you can pray anywhere and anytime.

Faith Fair Ideas

Let the Little Children Come to


Big Idea

Jesus loves me.


God gave us a family to take care

of us.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Jesus watches over and takes

care of us just like a shepherd
takes care of his sheep.

God Knows my Name

God/Jesus is our friend and as our

friend He knows our name, what
we like or dont like, what makes
us happy, sad or scared.

Being a Good Neighbour

Everyone is our neighbour and we

are supposed to love and help our

God Can do Miracles

God takes can and provides for

us. (The story of The Loaves and

Noahs Ark

God always keeps His promises.

Faith Fair Project

Have the children print Jesus
Loves Me on the heart template.
Colour the heart and cut it out.
Hole punch holes around the heart
and have the children lace ribbon
through the holes. Start at the
point and go up one side and
down another meeting at the
bottom. Tie a bow at the bottom
Students colour a picture of the
Holy Family and draw a picture of
their own family on the worksheet
Students add cotton to the sheep
picture provided. Make a bulletin
board titled: Jesus the Good
Shepherd Takes Care of Us.
Cut out and add the sheep to the
Students print their name in the
center of the name plate and
colour and decorate the plate as
they wish.
Make a helping hand wreath. Give
the students a hand shape
(template provided) and have the
students draw a picture of
themselves doing something
helpful. Cut out the hands and
assemble them in a wreath on a
bulletin board.
Have the children cut out and
colour the basket template.
Students make and glue 5 fish
and 2 loaves of bread into the
Make a Noahs Ark (ark template
provided). Glue animal cracker
cookies to the ark in pairs.

God Knows My Name

God Knows My Name