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Issue #14
Jan. 17, 2010

Joel 1:15-2:11 Crossover Crossword
We’ve all seen enough movies to know that 1 2
Code Red means, “Danger! Look out!” In 3
the passage from the Bible today, Joel is
saying the same thing to the people of Israel. 4
God has promised that one day He will return
to the earth to punish sin. We call that the
Day of the Lord and it’s something that all 5 6 7
Christians look forward to. However, not
everybody will be happy to see God that day.
People who have not asked Jesus into their 8
heart will not be able to stay with God and it 9
will be too late to ask. That’s why we need to
tell our friends about Jesus. Joel is telling us
that the big day is closer than ever and we all 10 11 12
"No one knows about that 14
day or hour, not even the
angels in heaven, nor the
Son, but only the Father.” 15

Matthew 24:36 DOWN

2 Jesus shed His ________ for our sins
ACROSS 3 Judas Iscariot ________Jesus (Matt. 27:4)
5 Roman commander of a
1 where they laid Jesus hundred men (Matt. 27:54)
after He died (Matt. 27:60)
6 Jesus said, “My God, My God, why
4 the place where Jesus died (Matt. 27:33)
have you ___________ me” (Matt. 27:46)
5 Jesus and the two thieves were
7 a title of Jesus (it means anointed
_________ together (Matt. 27:38)
one)(Matt. 27:17)
8 mother of Jesus
11 They laid the _________ of Jesus in
9 The angel said, “He is _____________
a tomb (Matt. 27:59)
He is not here” (Mark 16:6)
12 Jesus wore a “crown of _________”
10 They made Jesus wear
13 our Lord and Savior
a scarlet __________ (Matt. 27:26)
12 Jesus was betrayed for
__________ pieces of silver (Matt. 27:4)
14 Jesus was __________ of any
crime (Matt. 27:4)
15 the 12 companions of Jesus