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October 2009
Answer all question
1 hour
Section A
Choose the correct answer from the list below.
settings, food, switch off, prohibited, software, external, accordingly, scan, report, repair,
responsible, computer log book, equipment, clean, tidy, educational,
1. Pupils are _______________ to enter the lab unless authorised by the teacher.
2. ___________ diskettes before using them.
3. ___________ all problems related to the system to the teacher.
4. Do not attempt to ____________ or tamper with lab equipment.
5. Be _________________ when using equipment, software and facilities in the lab.
6. Do not move any ___________________ from its original position.
7. Do not remove or load any ___________________ into the computer.
8. Do not change the __________________ in the computer.
9. Save all work in ____________________ storage device and not in the computer.
10. Do not bring in bags, ___________ and drink into the lab.
11. Turn off the computer __________________ after use.
12. __________________ all power supplies before leaving the lab.
13. Internet facility is strictly for ______________________ purposes only.
14. All users should record the use of computers in the __________________________.
15. The Lab should be kept ______________ and ________________ at all times.
30 marks
Section B
Describe how you are going to switch on a computer.
10 marks
Section C
Write a short notes about the use of a anti-virus.
10 marks