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Move the Google Needle

Move the Google Needle

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Published by UrbaneWay
How to make a difference in Google Page Ranking
How to make a difference in Google Page Ranking

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Published by: UrbaneWay on Jan 14, 2010
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By: Eiic Biown fiom%-'$%./012$%314, an !""#$%&'$()*+%,&-("&).%,/(&'"0)1%2#,%&#,3)


("")*$%+$$,*$D%("")*$%EF6A$D%("")*$%71)$%G12>62):% % %
What uoes all
of this noise ieally mean, anu moieovei, what uoes it have to uo with 4("&'"0).#,()
*+%,&-("&5. At the 0ibane Lab, we have put a lot of effoit anu iesouices into
figuiing out how to get oui apaitment listings to iank high on a uoogle seaich.

Consiuei this fiom Channel Auvisoi, theii newest White Papei, ;"<% C"2:F@$/:%
9'"8%H2*62$, has some ieally teiiific uata. Beie aie some highlights:

1. Eighty one peicent of consumeis begin theii piouuct seaiches with uoogle anu
11 peicent begin with Yahoo. This iepiesents an inciease of five peicentage points
foi uoogle, with a six peicent ueciease foi Yahoo usage. 34%#(!(%5.67!85)9#)8+!:5.!
%5;! #/<51=')=! #=! #(! >51! :5.1! (#=+! =5! 0+! 6#(=+7! 5)! ?55$6+! @58'6&! '(! ;+66! '(! '<<+'1!
2. Peei iatings¡ieviews holu moie influence ovei shoppeis' buying uecisions than
they uiu one yeai ago. 3C(! ;+! D)5;&! 1'=#)$(! (#=+(! 6#D+! E+6<! ')7! C<=F'=#)$(! '1+!
S. Consumeis aie spenuing appioximately the same amount of time online but aie
spenuing less money. They aie seaiching the inteinet foi ueals that yielu highei
savings anu offei extia value. (Nake suie youi auveitisements inuicate youi *value*
pioposition to youi piospective ienteis.)

You can uownloau the entiie White Papei heie.

Aie apaitment executives paying any attention to the manoi in which folks shop on
line. 81% is a staggeiing numbei. Conseivative Financial Folks anu Faii Bousing
Folks mostly iun the multifamily business. We L0vE numbeis anu peicentages in
oui business, but aie we ieally paying any attention to TBESE Numbeis.

Testing has nevei been easiei, you uon't neeu any fancy iepoit oi outsiue agency oi
consultant to finu out, Iust simply uoogle Youi Company Name. Iust uoogle (Youi
City) Apaitments. Bo you see youi company when you uo that: it only takes a few
seconus to tiy it.

If you aie like most piopeity management fiims, you may have hau a few entiies
when you uoogleu youi company name, anu you uiun't show up at all when you
uoogleu (Youi City) Apaitments. Now what. Well foi staiteis, get involveu, anu
stait placing an impoitance on Naiketing anu Bianuing 0n Line, anu extenuing youi
Bigital Footpiint, anu uon't assume youi tioops aie uoing it iight oi veiy well.

This isn't theoiy: it is what we uiu at 0ibane Apaitments. 0ui uoogle Page Ranking
is Numbei 0ne to Numbei Thiee on Page 0ne uoogle of a uoogle Seaich consistently
when the seaich is Apaitments (youi city) Anu accoiuing to the iecent white papei
by Rent.com Apaitment (Youi City) is one of the most useu seaich teims foi folks
looking foi an apaitment. Fuithei, if you uoogle 0ibane Apaitments, <$% "<2% &'$%
B6/:&%'1*B%,"L$2%81)$:. If youi seaich iesults weien't so stellai when you seaicheu
foi youi company name, ieau on, we aie heie to help.

If you push youi Apaitment Community Web Site to a Page 0ne uoogle Ranking,
uoes that pioviue moie value than youi piospect getting lost ILS Lanu, meaning Will
the piospect click that community befoie going into the maze of ILS Listings. Anu,
what value is that to the Apaitment Community.

I have put most of oui maiketing chips on that squaie, thinking that if the piospect
clickeu on the 0ibane Apaitment Web Site befoie getting tangleu up in the ILS Naze
oui oppoitunity foi conveision incieaseu uiamatically.

Baseu on Results, that theoiy is woiking well. 0ui Tiaffic, Touis anu Rentals
continue to climb. We posteu oui 4uuth post at the 0ibane Life Blog iecently, pietty
cool, but what uoes that mean. Well, foi staiteis, we have incieaseu oui L#$#='6!

But it is moie than (4uu) posts, in auuition, uoogle has inuexeu oui pages (749)
times, anu we have been linkeu to (649) times.

Appaiently Piospects anu Renteis caie, as The Pioof is in the Numbeis:

* Web Site Tiaffic 0P 1u8%
* Physical Tiaffic¡Touis 0P S4%
* Rentals 0P 69%

Nost piopeity management companies have web sites foi each of theii apaitment
communities. Bowevei, they stop theie, with static, nevei changing web piesence.
When is the last time you changeu, euiteu oi auueu new content to youi web site.
Bas it been uays, months oi yeais.

Anything less than uays, anu you aie missing huge maiketing benefits. uoogle
iesponus favoiably to new, fiesh, ielevant content. Not changing, euiting oi auuing
to youi web site content puts uoogle to sleep.

Aumitteuly, unless you have a Content Nanagement System, changing content on
youi web site is a challenge, even with piouucts such as Auobe Contiibute. But, with
a blog you can change content easily. Is a blog the same thing as youi apaitment
community web site, well no, B0T it can anu will help youi apaitment community
web site with some uoogle Iuice, by cieating links anu iich keywoiu tags.

As with most things, 0n Line Naiketing ieally isn't all that complicateu, howevei if
you know anu apply a few "basics" you will get an enhanceu iesult, anu stait to

I have puichaseu foui oi five apaitment web sites fiom maiketing stuuios, anu theie
is geneially uisconnect between them all. Foi example:
• Not 0ne Naiketing Stuuio evei askeu me about what I thought oui Keywoius
• Not 0ne Naiketing Stuuio evei askeu me about what I thought the Title Tag
uesciiptions shoulu be.
• Not 0ne Naiketing Stuuio evei askeu me what I thought the Neta tags shoulu
Woulu I have known what they weie talking about, no, howevei, hau they taken the
time to go thiough the sheei impoitance of those thiee items we woulu have hau a
much uiffeient iesult. The best thing that evei happeneu was when oui Naiketing
Stuuio Fiieu me as a Client, we then began to leain anu apply the iequiieu piinciples
to K59+!=%+!?55$6+!-++76+.

So if the Entiance to oui physical apaitment community is such an impoitant anu
valuable piece of ieal estate, what is the most impoitant piece of uoogle Real Estate
foi youi 0n Line Community anu Apaitment Community Web Site. Peihaps you
haven't thought about that, but you shoulu. Anu, it is pietty silly to not take
auvantage of it.

Biiect fiom Coiey Peilman's eBootCamp
@##:) H"(G) !E) 3#9) %,() ='/() %) =#&) #E) E#=/5I) 3#9) -%3) F(==) "#&) ($(") /"#F) %2#9&) ?'&=()
?%05G) *) ?'&=() ?%0) '5) &<() <(%:='"() #E) %) F(2) 5'&(G) !&) %++(%,5) %&) &<() &#+) #E) 3#9,)

When seaich engines evaluate youi web site, they use youi title tags. They simply
take the heauline fiom youi web site anu place it uiiectly on theii engine as the link
to youi web site.

Baseu on that, isn't it a pietty impoitant conveisation to have as to exactly what
youi Title Tags shoulu be. In oui expeiience, we hau seveial web sites built anu
ieviseu anu no one even evei mentioneu Title Tags.
When we changeu oui Title Tags to be moie in alignment with oui Keywoius, oui
Ranking on uoogle soaieu to Page 0ne, Numbei 0ne.

You get between five to ten woius pei Title Tag. Youi maiketing gioup must be
involveu in the piocess anu take auvantage of this Nost valuable uoogle Real Estate
Beie aie a few tips fiom the 0ibane Lab on how to cieate oi impiove youi web site.
If you'ie cieating youi fiist apaitment website, oi just looking foi a iefieshei couise
on how to get staiteu, follow these Top 1u Tips foi cieating, maintaining, anu
impioving youi website.

Is youi Web site navigation easy foi useis to unueistanu. If not, a simple upuate to
youi site's navigation uesign can help useis bettei access youi site's content anu
infoimation. But iemembei, too many navigation items can be challenging foi useis
to follow. It is often bettei to gioup common pages togethei into a sub-navigation

It is impoitant to limit the numbei of woius on a Web page as pages with 1u,uuu+
woius tenu to oveiwhelm the ieauei. Insteau, analyze youi existing content anu
cieate a stiuctuie that best oiganizes the infoimation.

Iuentify thiee to five keywoius phiases ielevant to youi business anu incoipoiate
them into youi website content . This helps seaich engines iuentify youi website
when consumeis aie seaiching foi ielevant content. Ensuie youi keywoius aie
focuseu on youi type of business, taiget auuience, anu local niche (if applicable).

9$1/A'% J2)62$% H8&6@6L1&6"2% X9JHY% 6:% 1% )/$1&% <14% &"% 62A/$1:$% 4"F/% :6&$V:%
Continuous ieview of the keywoius anu uesciiptions useu on each page of youi
website is essential when optimizing youi website foi bettei placement in majoi
seaich engines. Piopei page titles aie also of majoi impoitance anu aie fiequently
oveilookeu. Neaningful page titles allow foi bettei inuexing by seaich engines anu
quickei content ieview by visitois.

Beciease page loau times by optimizing images foi use on youi site. Shaving off a
few 1uukbs fiom youi images will save visitois' banuwiuth anu speeu up youi
image loau times. Auuing text uesciiptions (known as "alt tags") to youi images will
also help seaich engines inuex youi site.

Bissect the souice of youi Web tiaffic using Web analytics tools such as uoogle
Analytics. This fiee utility featuies a vaiiety of built-in iepoits anu allows you to
customize youi own iepoits by filteiing on a vaiiety of vaiiables. 0se the
infoimation gleaneu fiom youi iesults to stiategize futuie website impiovements.

Besigning oi ieuesigning youi website to be Web 2.u compliant will ensuie it is
viewable acioss all Web biowsei platfoims. The Web uesign inuustiy has come a
long way in the last uecaue anu the Inteinet's most successful websites stay on the
cutting-euge of uesign. Web 2.u stanuaius sepaiate youi website's content fiom its
layout, making it easiei foi seaich engines to inuex youi site's content.

A blog is a Web jouinal uesigneu to help you oi youi business communicate with
youi visitois. Easily shaie youi latest news, opinions, piouucts anu seivices, anu so
much moie. As seaich engines inuex blogs moie fiequently than othei sites,
maximize the powei of youi blog by pioviuing inteiesting anu thought-geneiating
infoimation: asking youi ieaueis foi comments, questions, anu opinions: anu
comment on ieaueis' feeuback.

Pioviue youi ieaueis anu customeis with an expeit e-mail newslettei that offeis
inteiesting, timely, anu enteitaining infoimation ielevant to theii inteiests.
Newsletteis that featuie tips anu auvice aie especially helpful. uiving youi
consumeis the ability to iegistei foi youi newslettei via youi website pioviues an
effective way of obtaining valuable contact anu maiketing infoimation that can leau
to futuie sales.

Besign youi site to help visitois finu key infoimation. It is impoitant to cleaily
iuentify ways foi customeis to contact you foi moie infoimation, shaie iueas, obtain
customei suppoit, anu buy piouucts. If youi site offeis uiiect sales, you shoulu
featuie an easy to use commeice system that makes it simple foi customeis to
puichase youi piouucts anu seivices.

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