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for Stephen Cleobury and the choir of King’s College, Cambridge What sweeter music “Words by Robert Herrick JOHN RUTTER (ase1-1674) Andante tranquillo (4 = 66) SOPRANOS padolce ¢ legato What sweeter ORGAN 5. Dp legato sempre Se Man. Ss - sic can we bring Thana ca-rol, for to sing The birth_of TENORS & 9 BASSES eb. —f — 3 this our heav’nly King? A-wakethe voice! A-wake the string! Dark and dull mp Baie oe nr This caro has been recorded on Collegium COLCD 111 by The Cambridge Singers and The Cty of London Sinfonia, conducted by the composer. © Oxford University Press 1988 Printed in Great Britain 3 poco meno mosso night, flyhencea-way, Andgivethe ho- nour to this day That sees De- tr I? , atempo pp poco sit ea sieempe M ‘That sees De - cem-ber turn’d to ad ay. -cem - ber turn’dto May, * why does the 9 ky p—— SY mp cantabile : a tempo poco rit. a tea chill - ingwinter’smorn Smile, like a field be-set with corn? Or smell like a crr ae oe. ¢Q + mea-dow new-ly shorn Thus on the sud - den? Comeand see 25 mf, The cause, why mf 29 mp —=nf “Tis he is born, whose quick?ning birth Gives life and Jal) _ Amp —= mf things thus fragrant be: — *Tis he is born, whose quick’ning birth Gives_life and FL Man, 33 =p 2p molto legato oO a » lu - stre, pub-lic mirth, To hea-ven and the un-der- earth, Sh see him ——mp os > lu - stre, pub-lic mirth, To hea-ven and the under- earth. oD 5: molto legato (Organ tacet) (Man) 5 ae ‘Turns all the CT and know him ours, Who, with his_sun-shine and his show’rs, Turns the fal 2 Sed ra eee 41 mpi —p = I pa - tient ground to flow’rs, turns all the pa - tient ground to flow’rs, The fisa 2 lead Fy mp ——= nf —zpp turns all the ground to____ flow’rs. The a 8. div = darling of the world iscome, And fit it is, we find a room To— ait jb dad Meese ee dar - ling of the world is come, we find. ‘welcome him,: ‘to: wel-comehim 7: iotbler parol ~~ “ell the house heres isthe # 2 wy room____to___ welcome him, oO — SI ie heart, Which we will give_ him; and be-queath_ This___ hol - ly, and this ine 2. 57 i- vy wreath, And Lord of —. —_ » 3 i-vywreath,To do_him ho- nour; who’sour King, And Lord of << W ’ ————s = pe i -vy wreath, To do him King, And Lord of ho - nour;.who’s our 60 pocof =— mf pp molto dolce all this re~ vel-ling. What sweeter pocoft —— P Pp molto dolce all___ this_re- vel- ling What sweet-er poate c—— ‘p pp molto dolce 7 all____ this_re - vel - ling. _ What sweet-er a = BP molto dolce can we bring 67 poco rit. poco meno P.__mosso The birth of this our heav’n- ly King, the birth of = mp a iar sp sing The birth of this our heav’n-ly King. ie a P The birth. of this our heav’n-ly ———_ King. (Hum) oi a ——— ‘The birth of this our heav’n-ly poco rit. King. (Hum) poco meno mosso im 70 rit. a tempo dim. Pp. our hea - ven-ly King. dim. 2p —— a tempo