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Executive Summary
Gifts to All (GTA) will be selling ornaments and Christmas decorations. We will be
located on the second floor of Rise Kohyang Middle School, in room 235. GTA was founded and
is owned by Miranda Diaz, Eliana Kim, Subin Yi, Ellesse Osorio, and Eui Sol Choi. Our
customers consist of all RKMS students and staff. Our business is very hard working and takes
pride in our products that we hand make. We also hope to bring joy to all our customers during
the holiday season.

Our objective is to make at least $100 after the five days of sales.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide the busy students and teachers of RKMS with Christmas gifts
and ornaments, so they can spread the Christmas joy.

II. General Company Description

Gifts to All, GTA, is in the decoration business. We will be selling ornaments and small
gifts on the side. Our business believes in the philosophy that the satisfaction of our customers is
what really matters and spreading the Christmas spirit to all is very important. We will market
our products to RKMS (Rise Kohyang Middle School) students and staff. We show our
customers what is best about us, our best features. We are unique and different and have passion
for what we want to do. Our dedication and uniqueness makes us special and defines us from
other businesses. Many of our employees also have had experience first-hand. For example,
Eliana Kim used to make gifts for her peers and fellow students. Subin Yi participates in more
private art classes. With all these positive things to move forward with, we hope that our
business expands and succeeds so that every day, customers would come again and again.

III. Products and Services

Our company, Gifts to All (GTA), will be offering an array of small and decorative
ornaments to Rise Kohyang Middle School staff and students. Our ornaments are made to be the
perfect gifts for friends, family, or even just yourself. We hope that each of our magnificent
ornaments help spread holiday cheer throughout this season. Here at GTA, we strive for our
ornaments to be recognized for our effort and dedication, not just our price.
GTA offers single, random, and pack ornaments. Single ornaments allow you to pick
which one ornament you would like for just a low price of $0.50. Wow! What a deal! The
random surprises you with one random ornament for $0.25. You never know which ornament
you will get! The pack ornament allows you to pick three ornaments of your choice. This pack
deal can be yours for only $1.00. Amazing!
GTA may seem to be just another run of the mill company, but we assure you were not.
Our company sets itself apart from others by adding excitement, love, and pride into each of our
ornaments. We are dedicated to our business and the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to
provide good service to all of our customers and approach situations with positive attitudes.

IV.Marketing Plans
Market Share
Gifts to All has a good share of market with only 5% of the company selling other things
other than beverages, desserts, and foods. This means that with such little competition we can
dominate the other market. Being the leading other business, we will bring in lots of business.






A barrier for our company is that since each of our products are made by us, we will have
to work hard to supply enough product. We can overcome this barrier by making sure we are all
contributing to the number of products and keeping up with demand. We also face only having a
short amount of time to make our goal each day. We plan to sell as much as we can in this short
time and bring in lots of customers, so we can make our budget each day. GTA will try to make
the selling process as fast and efficient as possible.

Our customers will be all students and staffs of Rise Kohyang Middle School. Our
products are fantastic for all ages and can be enjoyed by both genders. GTA aims to satisfy
customers of all different tastes and is happy to serve all.

Our competition is the sock business because they sell products other than food,
beverages, or desserts just like us. However, we are still the only ornament selling company. We
will define ourselves from the sock business by making our products to the best of our ability.
Even though business may be taken by many of the food businesses, we hope to steal their
business with the quality of each of our products.

Gifts to All will be promoting our business day by day by inviting people to come look at
our booth. We will also encourage customers to help spread the word about GTA to their friend.
With these methods we will haul in customers, both new and old again to come again to our little

Our pricing at Gifts to All will be fair. We will strive to have lower prices thanother
businesses that are not selling food, beverages, or desserts. The cost of each ornament will range
from $0.25- $0.50. If the customer wants to buy a goody bag, it will also cost $0.50. Every time
a customer buys an item, they will also be given a raffle ticket for a prize at the end of the week.

Financial Plan
We predict that our sales are to increase gradually throughout the sales week. On days 1
and 2, we will strive to make $15 on each of the days. However on day 3, Gifts to All hopes to
earn $20, as business begins to rise. Lastly on days 4 and 5, we aim to make $25 per day. This
will allow us to just make our goal of $100 during the sales week.

Sales Week
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3
Sales Forecast

Day 4

Day 5

V. Operational Plan
Daily Operation
Gifts to All is located in room 235. We will have a booth where we will be selling our
products. Two of our personnel will be manning the booth during each shift. Gifts to Alls
operational hours are from 12:00p.m. to 1:00p.m. We man these hours for the lunch hour.

Gifts to All is ran by five people, Subin Yi, Eliana Kim, Ellesse Osorio, and Eui Sol
Choi. Each shift will be ran by two people. The two people will share the responsibility of
inviting customers over, restocking the booth, answering questions, and giving out raffle tickets
to each of our customers. However, one person will be designated to take care of our money for
each shift.

Gifts to All, GTA, will be using animal figures, candy, Christmas themed wrapping, and
other decorations for our inventory. GTAs inventory is all donated by the owners, Subin Yi,
Miranda Diaz, Eliana Kim, Ellesse Osorio, and Eui Sol Choi, Our All of our inventory is donated
so our business can make more money to contribute to the fundraiser during and after the sales

VI. Management and Operations

GTA, or Gifts to All, has five employees. Miranda Diaz is the main manager in charge.
Ms. Diaz is experienced in leadership and knows how to take charge of a group will still
interpreting the groups opinions. We also believe that Ms. Diaz will properly represent our
business with responsibility. If Ms. Diaz is absent, Ms. Yi will take her place a temporary
manager. Ms. Yi will lead the group and assure that everything will stay the way it was while the
manager was in charge.

Miranda Diaz- Manager

Subin Yi- 2nd in command
Eliana Kim- treasurer
Ellesse Osorio- treasurer
Eui Sol Choi- Custodian

VII. Financial Plan

Gifts to All believes that our sales will rise gradually during the sales week
the sales week. On days 1 and 2, we will strive to make $15 on each of the days.
On day 3, Gifts to All hopes to earn $20, as business gets more and more popular.
Lastly on days 4 and 5, we aim to make $25 per day. With these sales, we will
make our goal of $100 during the sales week.
Gifts to All will keep all profits in an envelope. This envelope will be kept
with the assigned person of each shift at all times. At the end of the sales, we will
count how much money we have made that day and record it on our sales sheet.
GTA will then turn in the money envelope to Ms. Mancuso with the sales sheet