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Ok, im going to try again.

First, a posdmodern idea, from the postmodern paper generator

The characteristic theme of von Junzs[1] essay on dialectic Marxism is a self-ref
erential paradox. However, Scuglia[2] holds that we have to choose between subco
nstructive nihilism and the capitalist paradigm of reality. Sontag uses the term
realism to denote the failure, and some would say the stasis, of postsemanticist
But the subject is interpolated into a cultural deconstruction that includes rea
lity as a reality. If dialectic narrative holds, we have to choose between diale
ctic Marxism and predeconstructive objectivism.
In a sense, the example of realism prevalent in Stones Platoon emerges again in N
atural Born Killers, although in a more capitalist sense. The postcultural parad
igm of narrative implies that context must come from the masses.
2. Discourses of collapse
Truth is unattainable, says Sartre; however, according to Scuglia[3] , it is not s
o much truth that is unattainable, but rather the economy, and therefore the col
lapse, of truth. It could be said that Finnis[4] states that the works of Stone
are an example of mythopoetical feminism. The subject is contextualised into a d
ialectic narrative that includes culture as a totality.
In the works of Stone, a predominant concept is the distinction between within a
nd without. In a sense, if dialectic Marxism holds, we have to choose between di
alectic narrative and postcultural patriarchialist theory. The premise of realis
m implies that the media is part of the futility of art.
OK, DID I WRITE THAT? i loade the page so it generated it. I M HAVING WRITERS B
ok, back to the poem:
gene, genes? jeans?
do we wear them
are we them?
or are they us????