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Test Section 1. men drinking. Follow the example: The men are running. a. 6) The girls are swim . Lesson 1. Finish the sentences. b. they 4) are running.Unit 1. 1) He 2) The girl 3) They 4) The women Section 3. boy c. is is eating. ding c. king b. ming Section 2. ting . She c. 1) boy women girls 3) woman men boys Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 2) man girls boy 1 . He men are running. Circle the word that does not belong in each group. Follow the example: the they a 1) goodbye women hello 2) he she the 3) reading writing drinking Section 4. 1) a. A b. b. b. are c. ding c. girls 3) The boys a. The 2) The a. They b. Circle the word that does not belong in the feminine/masculine or singular/plural groups. Circle the answer which best fits the blank. a. He 5) The woman is coo a. ning c.

apple. Follow the example: The child and the woman What The adults The dog The boys The girl She The men The child is are is not are not have has do not have does not have eating bread walking bicycles rice a dog this reading a book sleeping and woman have bicycles.Unit 1. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Section 2. sandwich. More than one answer may be possible. where necessary. Follow the example: apples eggs 1) sandwiches 3) driving running 2) cat dog 4) coffee milk child boy 5) men women Section 3. an. Choose a word or phrase from each column to make a complete sentence. Lesson 2. 3) The woman is not eating 5) The dog is not eating 2 rice. Some answer lines will be left blank. or and. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . 4) He is drinking coffee. 6) They are eating apples car. Continue the following lists with the appropriate words. Follow the examples: What is this? This is 1) The boy the girl are not sleeping. Put a. The child is not driving a 2) They are eating eggs. bread. Test Section 1.

(The dog) 2) I am a student. Test Section 1. Follow the example: red bicycle swimming blue are students police officer    sandwiches    water    The women are eating sandwiches 1) The girl does not have a 2) The children are not 3) We 4) He is not a 5) The sky is 6) I am drinking Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 3 . Using complete sentences. 1) What are you doing? 2) Are you a police officer? 3) Do you have a horse? 4) What are you eating? 5) What are you drinking? 6) Are you a student? Section 3. Complete the sentences with an appropriate word or phrase from the box. Lesson 3. (The cats) 7) He is a teacher. (You) 1) The flowers are big.Unit 1. (I) You have a blue pen. Follow the example: He has a blue pen. (He) 3) They are walking. Follow the example: What is he doing? He is eating a sandwich. Section 2. (We) 8) The child is not driving. Rewrite the sentences with the information in parenthesis. (The doctor) 4) What are you doing? (The woman) 5) I do not have a dog. (The girl) 6) The dog has a red ball. answer the questions.

2) Is the fish yellow? a. Follow the example: Who has the ball? a. No. Follow the example: What is the boy eating? The boy is eating an apple. c. Two books are green. The boy has the ball. It is a cat. 5) No. c. b. c. The fish is yellow. 1) What are you doing? a. Two hats are red. 4) How many hats are red? a. 4 Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . 2) There are six chairs. She does not have a dog. b. No. The cat is not sleeping. Write the question to the answer provided. We are driving. The hats are red. b. 5) Does he have a cat? a. Section 3. I do not have a fish. There may be more than one question possible. The boy is running.Unit 1. There are five books. 3) How many books are there? a. Choose the word that does not belong in each list. There is one yellow fish. There are two bicycles. Follow the example: boy girl horse man 1) grass three flowers tree 2) plate bowl phone cup 3) yellow two blue red 4) moon dress skirt coat 5) rice keys egg apple 6) bed table chair adult 7) tree two one six Section 2. I do not have a car. b. c. No. b. Lesson 4. c. He does not have a cat. b. I have a red hat. She has six books. 3) It is a cell phone. 4) The man is buying a hat. Yes. 1) I have a pen. The boy has three balls. Test Section 1. c. Circle the best answer to the question. 6) Two flowers are red.

Solve the equations and write the answer on the line. Follow the example: four + three = seven 1) five + one = 2) eight + two = 3) nine – six = 4) two – two = 5) twelve + zero = 6) eleven – five = 7) two + six = 8) three – two = Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 5 . children are swimming.Unit 2. Follow the example: What is this? (coffee) 1) What are you doing? (eating) 2) Are you drinking milk? (water) 3) Do you have a pen? (yes) This is coffee. 4) Who is playing? (the mother and the daughter) 5) How old are you? (12) 6) How old is he? (4) Section 2. Section 3. 1) have one daughter. 4) are drinking their coffee. Follow the example: I have a bicycle. wife are reading the newspaper. Our daughter is two years old. Lesson 1. My bicycle is red. 3) has flowers. Fill in the blank with an appropriate word. Test Section 1. Answer the questions using the information in parentheses. Her flowers are red and blue. sons are sleeping. 2) is eating his sandwich. 5) The woman and 6) The man and 7) The parents and 8) The husband and dog are playing.

7) the bowl yellow? Yes. 1) trees are there? There are eleven trees. The man is sitting in the kitchen. Fill in the blanks to complete the questions. Then answer the questions. is in the kitchen. 3) The parents are 5) The 2) There are their children. 3) is playing? The grandfather and the boy are playing. The table is in the kitchen. The bowl is yellow. 8) The keys are the newspaper. Three plates are red. He is eating a sandwich. He does not have a cell phone. Test Section 1. Follow the example: What do you have? I have the blue flowers. Choose a word from the text box to complete the sentences. 5) he have a cell phone? No. Section 3. 6) She is seven old. 2) are my shoes? Your shoes are under the table. are your books. Read the following information. Five plates are blue. bedrooms. Who is sitting in the kitchen? 1) How many plates are there? 2) Where are the plates? 3) How many plates are blue? 4) Where is the table? 5) What is the man doing? The man is sitting in the kitchen. 7) The boys are playing in the 6 . 6) you listening to the radio? Yes. Lesson 2.Unit 2. 4) is it? It is a desktop computer. I am listening to the radio. radio   toilet   hugging   apartment   four   these   sink   years   under The 1) toilet is in the bathroom. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . 4) We are listening to the . Section 2. Follow the example: There are eight plates. The plates are on the table.

2) How old is he? years old. Follow the example: is eating in the dining room. 5) She ( live / lives ) in an apartment. Section 2. 3) park street bridge shoe 4) room far near under 5) Paris Moscow Beijing Mike Section 3. Circle the correct word to complete the sentences. 5) Where do you live? Rome. name Miss Mrs. 7) Where are you ( from / far ) ? I am ( from / far ) Brazil. Test Section 1. 3) ( He / His ) name is John. Lesson 3. 6) Where ( do / does ) you ( live / lives )? I ( live / lives ) in a house. Who is eating in the dining room? The man 1) What is your name? Miss Simpson. 1) ( I / My ) name is Anne. Follow the example: horse dog cat man 1) Italy Russia New York Egypt 2) Mr. We ( live / lives ) in Rome.Unit 2. 6) How many brothers do you have? brothers. Complete the sentences to answer the questions. The bedroom is ( in / on ) the house. 4) Where are you from? New York. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 7 . 4) ( This / These ) is my bedroom. 3) Where is the man? the bridge. ( I / My ) am a doctor. 2) We ( is / are ) from Italy. ( He / His )is a teacher. Choose the word that does not belong in each group.

c. 5) a. Section 2. Follow the examples: 1 8 Nice to meet you. 5 Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . Choose the sentence which best matches the picture. The bed is black. She is sick. We are not thirsty. Hello. What’s your name? Hello. Lesson 4. b. He is not hungry. Goodbye. b. b. The belt is red. Section 4. She is cold. 1) a. We have gray hair. She is hungry. 4) a. 2) a. 4) He is not hungry. Follow the example: His hair is red. I’m cold. Number the sentences 1–9 to put the conversation in the correct order. b. We are tired. 1)  I’m thirsty. I’m thirsty. 3)  The tall man is wearing a gray suit. c. Look at the pictures. They are hungry. How are you? I am from Egypt. Test Section 1. c. 1)  How are you? (fine) 2) What color is her hair? (brown) 4) What is your name? (Amy) 3)  Are you sick? (no) 6) Where do you live? (an apartment) 5)  What color is his suit? (gray) 7)  Where are the cups? (sink) Section 3. Follow the example: Are you thirsty? (yes) Yes. Answer the questions using the information provided in parentheses. b. 3) a. Where are you from? I’m fine. He has gray hair.Unit 2. I’m cold. My name is Amy Jones. 2) The shoe is white. c. I have gray hair. The tie is green. 5)  The girl is wearing a purple shirt. Rewrite the sentences in the plural. c. Their hair is red.

B. It is afternoon. B. There is only one possible combination for each. 4) We are eating dinner outside. He is wearing socks. Match a word or phrase from each column to make a complete. 2) I’m wearing a coat don’t have drink coffee? 3) Twelve comes works in the morning. C. Section 3. 1) A. The man is running inside. 6) When but he’s eating it. but he isn’t wearing shoes. 7) They do you I’m not wearing a hat. The children are eating dinner. It is evening. 2) I’m sick. He is wearing shoes and socks. He is not wearing shoes. The children are eating breakfast. 2) A. The children are eating lunch. C. Follow the example: He is wearing shoes. 5) The man and thirteen. Follow the example: 1) We eat before at night. 3) The woman has twenty books.Unit 3. B. Section 2. logical sentence. but he isn’t wearing socks. The teacher works at the school. Rewrite the sentences in the negative. The doctor works at the hospital. They are running outside. 3) A. The woman is running outside. 4) He has a sandwich. C. Circle the sentence that best fits the picture. B. 5) They are drinking coffee in the living room. Lesson 1. Test Section 1. He is wearing shoes. The man works at the park. 4) A. breakfast socks. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 9 . It is morning. 1) I have sixteen flowers. C.

I’m eating bread. tasting the apple. to our house! 6) The girl is playing a game with 10 A. ( hands / toes) are ( in / outside) the water. 1)  They do not have socks. Test Section 1. ( fingers / toes) are ( on / in) the table. Rewrite the sentences in a shorter form. 3) The man is smell ) the flower. 3)  She does not have a cell phone. 5) They’re swimming with 7) I’m watching television with D. Section 2. my father. ) ( smelling / smell bad. Lesson 2. in a school. weeks old E. Circle the correct words to complete the sentences based on the pictures. G. their children. 1) They’re taste ( tasting / 2) The socks ) the bread. 2) We are visiting Brazil. F. 5)  They are tasting the coffee. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . Section 3. Follow the example: I am eating bread. Match the halves of the sentences to form a complete sentence. 4) His 5) Her 6) This is a in the ( smelling / ( flower / tree) ( summer / winter).Unit 3. his sister. 1) We’re visiting 2) Welcome 3) My son is fourteen 4) The sandwich B. 4) I am not tired. C.

5) speak English. I’m speaking Russian. he is studying English. 1) Do you speak Russian? a. Yes. He’s thirty years old. 2) Who is your teacher? a. ( has / have )? ( We / Our ) have sixteen flowers. I’m from Rome. teacher is from China. Circle the correct word to complete the sentences. b. ( Her / His ) ( dog / dogs ). I don’t speak Russian. These are twenty books. She’s thirty years old. She ( is / are ) eight ( many / old ) ( speak / speaks ) Chinese. Yes. b. Test Section 1. Complete the dialogue based on the pictures. ( It is / They’re ) flowers do you Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 name is Mei. 3) How old is the man? a. My teacher is Mr. There are twelve books. I’m studying English. 2) parents from China. 11 . b. We live in Rome. Yes. ( is / are ) from Japan. 4) parents speak English. Jones. but she people ( is not / doesn’t ) speak Russian. He’s fine. 5) Are you studying English? a. Lesson 3. Circle the correct answer. Section 3. b. b. 6) studying Russian. 3) We New York. 6) Where do you live? a. No. 4) How many books are there? a.Unit 3. running outside. Section 2. 1) name Lin. 1) ( She’s / She ) 2) ( This / These ) 3) ( My / I’m ) 4) There 5) How from Russia. b.

cups. chairs. computer 6) tables. ( How / Who / When ) many eggs is the man buying? ( He / His / He’s ) buying ten eggs. cups. Test Section 1. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . family. brush. plates. ( When / Why / Who ) is your teacher? ( We / We’re / Our ) teacher is Mr. dinner 7) playing. Follow the example: Why are the people in the kitchen? Because they’re washing the plates. ball. 2) Why is the man drinking water? . 1) soap. toothbrush. students 4) doctors. trees. flowers. radio. eating. Lesson 4. pillow. sleeping. reading. toothpaste 2) plates. towel. grass. milk. 1) Why does the dog smell bad? . visiting 5) television. Haddad. Answer the questions based on the pictures.Unit 3. washing. studying. children 8) sheets. writing. sick. teacher. sandwich. 1) 2) 3) 12 ( Why / How / Where ) are you in the kitchen? Because ( I’m / my / I ) cooking. Section 2. Circle the correct word to complete the sentences. 3) Why are the people in the dining room? . bed kitchen bedroom      living room  dining room hospital    bathroom    park          school Section 3. cooking. coffee 3) books. blanket. sink. Write the name of the room of the place associated with the lists of words.

If the sentence is correct. 1) The blue car is new. (they) 5) My glasses are broken. Answer the questions providing a reasonable and logical answer. Test Section 1. put a 3 on the line. (We) 3) I’m buying an old car. (not) 6) I need a new umbrella. rewrite it to match the information in the picture. is this the bookstore? Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 am washing my hands because they are dirty. 13 . Follow the example: Why are you washing your hands? I 1) Why do you need a new phone? 2) Why is the man in the grocery store? 3) What are you buying at the bakery? 4) Where is the pharmacy? 5) Excuse me. Section 3. Follow the example: He’s washing his hands.Unit 4. Follow the example: They’re buying cake. 3) He’s shopping at a hardware store. Rewrite the following sentences using the information in parentheses. (He) Section 2. Lesson 1. (the woman) 2) You’re buying meat. If the sentence is incorrect. 5) He doesn’t want medicine. (the man) I’m washing my hands. 2) He sells fruit. 7) They’re selling jewelry at the jewelry store. They are buying meat. 4) My television is not broken. Look at the picture and read the sentence. (I) 1) I have money. (new car) 4) She’s shopping at the grocery store.

The mother has less juice than her son. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 .Unit 4. 2) 3) 4) 14 The girl has less bread than her friend. Follow the example: The man has less tea than his wife. 1) The boy has more cake than his father. 1) 3) more than 2) more than 4) less than less than Section 2. The wife has more tea than her husband. Test Section 1. Look at the pictures and rewrite the sentence without changing the information seen in the picture. Complete the sentences based on the pictures. Lesson 2. The man has more money than his wife.

Hello. Do you want to pay with cash? Thank you. . I need a new ladder. 3) This wooden bowl is inexpensive. 1) She has some books. No. Lesson 3.Unit 4. Write the missing sentences. Section 3. My daughter is the youngest. Follow the examples: 4 We sell a metal ladder and a wooden ladder. 2) My daughter is young. Complete each sentence to make logical statements. 3) faster than . Test Section 1. 2) more expensive than . 6 Why do you need a new ladder? 8 How much does the metal ladder cost? I need a new ladder because my old ladder is broken. Section 2. Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 15 . I want to pay with a credit card. She has more books. . Which ladder do you like more? Goodbye. Follow the example: The wooden table is heavy. The metal ladder costs thirty-five euros. Look at the pictures. This plastic bowl is more inexpensive. The metal ladder is lighter than the wooden ladder. . 4) more books than . 1) costs ten dollars. 1 I want the metal ladder. 5) is made of plastic. Number the sentences 1–12. Put the dialogue in order. I like the metal ladder more.

1) wooden. How much does the biggest cake cost? 1) What size cake do you need? 2) Thank you. Look at the sentences and complete the sentences using some. paper. 4) None of the boys are eating. 2) The hat is too big. Rewrite the sentences by changing one word to make a statement that is opposite in meaning to the sentence provided. or all. none. 3) Which shoes do you like more? 4) Excuse me. Follow the example: The window is open. 1) He has the most bread. Write an appropriate response to the questions or statements below using words or phrases form the text box. The window is closed. 3) Section 3.Unit 4. Is the pharmacy open? 5) What color cake do you want? 6) Does the coat fit? 7) Which chairs do you like? Section 2. 5) These cups are the same size. 3) I want the smallest cake. 16 Rosetta Stone® Tests – English (American) Level 1 . 2) None of the flowers are plastic. Lesson 4. Follow the example: too big yellow    welcome twenty euros red shoes    open the smallest    blue chairs It costs twenty euros. sitting. Test Section 1.