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RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL, JAIPUR T* Year GNM Examination November, 2013 Biological Science PAPER—I te: 3 Hours Max. marks ‘¢: Any five Questions are to be answered. feet sie mat & sax hare waht seat & ates ware #1 (2) Explain the mechanism of Body Temperature Regulation, (#47) (30) a08e & crear frre Brena at eee Afar) (©) Describe the structure and function of the Skin, (@) cam A eae va art ar acta Rafa) (@) Jase different endocrine Glands, rae “* (G0 Rafe sieat Eardh aera a sete Hie! (©) Explain the sucture and functions of Thyroid-Parathyroid Gland, © storage. erertags aferat acum we ar at eee mt) Define Joints. Write the Classification, sig @r oftentte sre sits a: Write short notes on any thrée:- ‘8) Spinal Cord (b) Blood (c) Pancreas @ Spleen araferitre 3 a Pest dere aR ater AST] : 3) Pagar FAS (@ TT CH sea @) cer sit short note on gny two. Fives Oy a lation of Blood (c) Functions of Muscles fetta naifeer a fae y 1) Se (a vars wtaicerea Cay ara dram sactibe.the structure and functions of Ear. Explain the mechanism or Baa a are ar avis ASHE] Fra wa Uirhat is Immunity? Write different types of Dea ear t? sate wart at aT ' Explain the Principles and methods of Microbial Co YR Share] frets & Rares we ate at: ist Reproductive Organs. Explain the physic 7 sroductive Health, eo a ee Ae es a ah ae we ac : au Structure and Functions of Joints, ‘ST, RUT Ue are ar APT