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RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL, JAIPUR 1 Year GNM Supplementary Exam July, 2013 Biological Science PAPER—I ime : 3 Hours i ‘Max. marks : 75 ote: Any five Questions are to be answered. ‘All Questions are carried equal marks. te: faregt sia seat & sea afar walt weal & sie ware 1 Describe the Position, Structure and Functions of Lungs with diagram. Discuss { mechanism of Respiration in detail. (TH*TA) arost a Feet, aieaar ee rat ar after acter ASA adie a oa, fran at farang | wage 2& Define Joints. Classify different joints found inthe Body. Describe skull bones in detail. (5+10) ‘eifer Pt aed 1 ara ere AS ate ae atest Siferat a alia ea Be ahaa A HRA aT Parana acle ASA ‘3 Draw the diagram of Alimentary Tract. Deseribe the Mechanism of Sere ae aT SMT are aT steht PRA TSA TT CY Sift a 3 1 (5+10) 14. Discuss the composition of blood and GH as Hc BY HAST TT Ta AAT HY PET STIS < S ‘What is Tissues? Enlist the types of Tissues and describe the Connective Tissue sam fart aed bisa want Ara aig een eis Sas aT a (6 Wiiite shores on any the of flowing