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RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL, JAIPUR I" Year GNM Examination November, 2013 Community Health Nursing—I PAPER—IV Time : 3 Hours Max. marks : 75 Note: Any five Questions are to be answered. All Questions are carried equal marks. ate: Profi sist meat sore Here Sey ois ere Fi H Define Community Health Nursing. Describe goal é& principles of Community Health Nursing, Deseribe functions of Community Health Nurse. (#545) « aentr earear feior a Feaer Fnerel ees eae ase a bea ea Fare a ach Re Ge anaes cera & ara ar aia HSA ' Q3 Write short notes on any three. (51545) (@ Referral System (b) Immunization Schedule (c) Indicators of Hea Heat for a by 2000AD_ (©) Family Health Services frresfafas aa Rhee die a ater avi haa (tare worst earea tart ‘Write short notes on following :~ (@) Slums (6) Vitamins (e) Malnutrition (4). Qs Wiese te RINE! (@) Nutritional Counseling (b) Diet in| (©) Save Water Movement Go saa aR @ safer a,