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Mark Hull resume

Mark Hull resume

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Published by: Mark Hull on Jan 15, 2010
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Mark  Everett  Hull  

mark@hullapalooza.com  |  408.874.6275  (m)     SUMMARY   Visionary  innovator,  savvy  product  leader  and  results-­‐oriented  executive  with  solid  strategic  and  operational  experience  in   growth  and  management  of  online  and  mobile  products,  platforms  and  businesses.  Driven  by  a  passion  for  devising  and   deploying  compelling  social  experiences  in  mobile,  social  networking,  gaming,  commerce,  and  community,  at  companies  ranging   from  early-­‐stage  startups  to  large  public  entities.  Fueled  by  rapid  iteration,  data-­‐driven  analysis  and  relentless  customer  focus.     EXPERIENCE   2011  -­‐        

  RILEY  INC  /  INSTAVITE                                                                                        Palo  Alto,  Calif.   COO  &  Co-­‐Founder   Founded  mobile  application  company  building  social  experiences  around  real-­‐life  activity,  leveraging  the  Facebook   platform.  Applications  include  Instavite,  which  helps  real  friends  get  together,  building  community  around  activities,   and  using  data  to  predict  intent.  Also,  Riley  Games,  a  Top  25  Health  app  that  gamifies  self-­‐improvement  for  women.   • Founded  initial  team,  product,  marketing  and  overall  operations.  Lead  overall  product  strategy,  and  drive  all   specification  and  design  for  products,  Facebook  integration  and  product  marketing.  Lead  and  recruit   engineering  and  design  teams.  Deployed  a  rapid  development  process  where  we  can  release  code  daily.     • Drove  user  acquisition  and  engagement,  funneling  feedback  into  product.  Drove  new  user  acquisition  with  a   0.7  k-­‐factor  in  first  five  weeks,  securing  nearly  half  of  all  new  users  through  viral  and  organic  means  at  an  $0.18   eCPI.  Achieved  an  12%  DAU/MAU  ratio  and  65%  WAU/MAU  ratio,  with  an  average  of  12  user  sessions/week.   • Drive  fundraising  and  corporate  strategy.  Bootstrapped  company  and  helped  raise  initial  $100K  financing  for   company  to  hire  team  and  launch  initial  products.  Actively  working  to  close  additional  financing.  

  2010  -­‐  2011   CROWDSTAR                                                                                Burlingame,  Calif.     Vice  President  &  General  Manager,  Marketing  &  Partnerships   Led  partnerships,  product  marketing,  public  relations  and  the  global  business  for  at-­‐peak  No.  2  social  game   developer.  Managed  relationships  with  key  platforms,  including  Facebook,  Microsoft  and  Yahoo,  while  helping   expand  company’s  product  portfolio  in  Japan  to  become  the  No.  1  US  social  game  developer  in  that  market.     • Expanded  company’s  reach  to  new  platforms  while  leading  Facebook  partner  management.  Diversified   company’s  reach  to  10  game  platforms  worldwide.  Led  company’s  partner  management  with  Facebook,   enabling  CrowdStar  to  maximize  strategic  value  to  better  tune  virals  and  leverage  APIs  more  effectively  than   competition.  Secured  special  co-­‐marketing  opportunities,  in  addition  to  influencing  platform  development.   • Acquired  new  customers  and  re-­‐activated  user  base  through  no-­‐cost  product  marketing.  Drove  cross-­‐ promotion  across  CrowdStar’s  game  portfolio,  creating  300M  ad  impressions.  Grew  user  base  without   marketing  budget  through  Facebook  fan  pages.  Profitably  reactivated  users  through  lifecycle  email  programs.   Acquired  new  customers  via  cross-­‐promotions  with  retailers,  music  distributors  and  third-­‐party  game   companies.  Increased  CrowdStar’s  visibility  through  targeted  PR.   • Diversified  company’s  revenue  stream  to  drive  30%  from  off  Facebook.  Profitably  launched  more  than  12   games  on  five  platforms  in  Japan,  enabling  CrowdStar  to  secure  market  leadership  in  Japan.     2007  -­‐    2010   VIVATY  (acquired  by  Microsoft)                                            Menlo  Park,  Calif.     Vice  President,  Product  Management   Led  product  management  and  product  marketing  for  social  gaming  platform  and  3D  virtual  world  in  Facebook   backed  by  Kleiner  Perkins  Caufield  &  Byers.  Drove  overall  product  evolution  and  user  growth  focusing  on  user   engagement,  cost-­‐effective  customer  acquisition  and  monetization  through  virtual  goods.     • Deployed  initial  product  line  through  rapid  iteration.  Responsible  for  overall  product  strategy,  development   process,  roadmap  and  rollout.  Rolled  out  new  initiatives  at  rapid  pace  (e.g.,  multiple  times/week)  to  allow  quick   testing  and  analysis  of  features  to  guide  further  investment  and  future  efforts.  Built  social  gaming  platform   from  ground  up,  including  virtual  economy,  gifting,  leaderboards,  missions  and  Facebook  integration.   • Cost-­‐effectively  grew  user  engagement,  activity  and  paid  conversion.  Grew  initial  base  of  1  million  users   (200,000  MAU  at  peak)  through  mix  of  viral  programs,  social  engineering,  partnerships  and  marketing   programs.  Increased  registration  rate  from  30%  to  80%,  while  also  increasing  engagement  to  15%  DAU/MAU.     Increased  average  daily  session  length  6x  to  150  minutes.    Drove  paid  conversion  rate  to  3.5%.     • Created  studio  and  user  experience  teams.  Built  7-­‐person  team  of  artists  and  animators,  user  experience   designers  and  product  managers  as  part  of  company’s  growth.  Hired  outsourcers  for  content.  

  2006  -­‐  2007   IWIN                                                                      San  Francisco,  Calif.         Vice  President,  Marketing  and  Product  Management   Directly  responsible  for  business,  marketing  and  product  management  for  privately  held  leader  in  casual  gaming.     Drove  business  growth  and  strategy  in  three  key  areas:    site-­‐based  sales  and  user  engagement;  multiplayer  online   games  and  communities;  and  in-­‐game  and  site-­‐based  advertising.     • Drove  financial  success.  Increased  division’s  revenue  run  rate  74%  over  one  year  from  $3.7  million  to  $6.5   million  in  2007  (about  half  of  company’s  revenue).  Increased  customer  lifetime  value  from  $27  on  pace  to  $60.   • Grew  engagement  and  active  customer  base.  Led  development  of  product  improvements  and  marketing   initiatives,  increasing  MAU  82%  to  2.7  million  in  2007  (3x  faster  than  competition).  Directed  efforts  to  drive  1.6   million  installs  of  download  manager,  increasing  games  downloaded,  played  and  purchased  per  user.       • Deployed  cost-­‐effective  marketing  strategy.  Expanded  marketing  strategy  to  lifecycle-­‐email,  affiliate,  media-­‐ buying  and  organic  acquisition  channels  while  optimizing  paid  search.  Tripled  sales  through  paid  marketing,   while  reducing  CPA  and  driving  profitable  LTV-­‐based  growth.  Doubled  conversion  rate  to  1.3%.     • Expanded  product  strategy  and  matured  process.  Led  product  development  efforts  in  launching  major   products  and  services.  Developed  iCoins,  a  paid  subscription  service  that  was  backbone  of  the  company’s   strategy  in  virtual  goods,  and  resulted  in  a  75%  subscriber  retention  rate.       2005-­‐2006   MERCHANTCIRCLE  (acquired  by  Reply.com)                                        Los  Altos,  Calif.     Vice  President,  Marketing  and  Product  Management   Directly  responsible  for  product  management,  strategy  and  marketing  for  startup  creating  online  presences  for  local   businesses,  using  social  networks  and  marketing  to  help  merchants  compete  against  big-­‐box  businesses.     • Leveraged  product  to  serve  as  marketing  vehicle  for  customer  acquisition.  Launched  initial  product.  Created   virtual  economy  to  increase  customer  acquisition  and  serve  as  foundation  for  revenue  model.  Created  and   implemented  social  media  strategy,  increasing  customer  acquisition  and  pages  indexed.     • Built  engaging  community  and  deployed  viral  marketing  programs.  Developed  rich  customer  community,   leveraging  word  of  mouth  marketing  to  cheaply  and  quickly  acquire  customers.  Drove  viral  programs  that   increased  significantly  reduced  CPA.  Led  SEM  optimization  efforts  reducing  CPA  75%  over  30  days.     1998-­‐2005   YAHOO!                                                              Sunnyvale,  Calif.     Responsible  for  product  and  business  management  for  many  of  world’s  most  popular  online  consumer  services.       2005   Director,  Product  Management,  Yahoo!  Games   Managed  strategic  development,  general  management  of  casual  games  business.     • P&L  management  of  premium  subscription,  paid  downloads  and  advertising  business  lines  (More  than  $20   million  in  revenue).  Within  first  90  days,  increased  revenue  run  rate  by  43%.   • Revamped  product  strategy  and  site-­‐wide  design  of  casual  games  business,  emphasizing  social  interactions,   community  features  and  focused  on  building  customer  engagement  while  maximizing  revenue  growth.     1998-­‐2005   Director,  Product  Management,  Community  Services         Managed  strategic  development,  general  operations  and  deployment  of  some  of  the  world’s  largest  consumer   social  products,  such  as  Yahoo  360,  Avatars,  Personals,  Groups,  Hosting,  Photos,  Chat  and  Message  Boards.     • Launched  more  than  10  free  and  paid  consumer  services.  Developed  strategic  roadmap  for  products  and   overall  community  division,  evangelizing  strategies  to  senior  management.     • Developed  Yahoo’s  initial  social  networking  product  and  strategy.  Evolved  strategy  from  overall  focus  as  a   destination  to  one  that  drove  greater  value  to  the  Yahoo  network  as  a  platform.   • Managed  and  launched  paid  consumer  services,  such  as  Yahoo  GeoCities,  Personals  and  Photos.  Transformed   Personals  business  model  to  increase  revenue  288%  in  one  year.       EDUCATION     2003-­‐2006     HAAS  SCHOOL  OF  BUSINESS,  UC  BERKELEY                            Master’s  of  Business  Administration   1992-­‐1995   PEPPERDINE  UNIVERSITY                                    Bachelor’s  of  Arts,  Journalism         MISCELLANEOUS     U.S.  Patent  #7,269,590:    “Method  and  system  for  customizing  views  of  information  associated  with  a  social  network  user.”     U.S.  Patent  #7,707,122:    “System  and  method  of  information  filtering  using  measures  of  affinity  of  a  relationship.”     U.S.  Patent  #7,885,901:    “Method  and  system  for  seeding  online  social  network  contacts.”  

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