Jesus Christ son of god transformed himself into a human being and was tested in every thing other than sin. Satan tested him after 40 days of prayer and fasting. Bible says that without prayer and fasting this will not pass away. Christian life is a test an examination which he or she must face in his day to day life. It is an exam where he or she must face in his day to day life. An examination where every one writes his exam (Lives his/her life) with a single syllabus (Bible). If you copy in exam (Follow your friends or relatives) you will not win but you must follow your teacher (Jesus Christ) There is great difference in being a Christian and leading a Christian life. You drink, smoke, cheat and you expect things to be okay for you . If you think you are clean you are lying to yourselves. There is only one way to reciprocate bad its salvation.

Life has its all misery, charisma and hurry which will keep you away from your creator. But please take time to pray. Your creator Jesus Christ is listening to you. A Christian must think that he is writing an examination by leading a Christian life. There is only one way to pass this exam even if you do all things right that is his grace (Grace Mark). Every one in the world have problems and situations that bind them and keep them away from god. There is always refuge in the arms of god. You must repent on your past and pray that’s the key to all your problems. In old ages god came down and made his presence in the tabernacle. Its Written in the bible that one must know that his body id the temple of living god. And one must not destroy it and if he does so god will destroy him. One must not destroy his body with wine or any other bad things. There is no advocacy for sin. Leave the bad habits behind because god don’t like it and your problems will be solved.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life never too late repent and turn to god

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