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Espaol II

Gua de estudiar: El examen del semestre

Content & Format
The midterm exam is cumulative and therefore will include information from chapter 1A, 1B, 2A, and 2B
Your exam consists of five different parts including multiple choice, listening, reading, speaking and writing.
The multiple choice section will include vocabulary and grammar from all chapters that we have studied along with a
listening section and a reading.
For your speaking portion, you need to review the vocabulary from each chapter and be prepared to talk about someones
daily routine (reflexive and non-reflexive verbs).
For the writing portion, you will be responding to a letter from a pen-pal talking about yourself including information
about your typical day: what you do in school and after school, etc.
*You should use your vocabulary sheets, grammar handouts, study guides and the textbook in order to prepare for the
Captulo 1A: Qu haces en escuela?
El vocabulario p.18, 19 (visuals and words) & 40 (complete list)
El presente: Regular AR, -ER, -IR verbs and irregular verbs like estar, ser, tener ir, ver, hacer (and other GO
verbs), & gustar p. 9, 15, 43
Stem-changing verbs in the present tense p.27
o oue (dormir, poder, costar, almorzar, volver, devolver)
o eie (empezar, comenzar, preferir, querer, pensar, entender)
o eI (pedir, servir, repetir)
o uue (only jugar)
Affirmative and Negative Words p.31
*You are using these verbs and vocabulary to describe what you do in school*
Captulo 1B: Qu haces despus de las clases?

El vocabulario p.46 & 47 (visuals and words) & 68 (complete list)

Las comparaciones y los superlativos p. 53
Saber & Conocer p. 56
El presente
*You are using the verbs from the chapter and the vocabulary in order to describe what you do after school*
Captulo 2A: Cmo te preparas?

El vocabulario p.74 & 75 (visuals and words) & 96(complete list)

Los verbos reflexivos regulares p.80
Los pronombres reflexivos: me, te, se, nos, os, se p.80
Los verbos reflexivos irregulares p. 80
o despertarse (eie)
o vestirse (ei)
o acostarse (oue)
Ser v. Estar p.86 (las conjugaciones y los usos)
Los adjetivos posesivos p. 88

*You are using the verbs from the chapter and the vocabulary in order to describe your daily routine*

Captulo 2B: Qu ropa compraste?

El vocabulario p.102 & 103 (visuals and words) & 124 (complete list)
El pretrito: los verbos regulares AR, -ER & -IR verbs p.110
o las conjugaciones
o las palabras que indican el pretrito como ayer, anoche, la semana pasada, el mes pasado, el ao pasado
*You are using the verbs from the chapter and the vocabulary in order to describe what you bought. You should also
be able to describe what you did yesterday or over the weekend*