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ramanusa nutrandhadi

ramanusa nutrandhadi


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Published by: ajiva_rts on Apr 12, 2008
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If someone is not associated with and not having the sambandham of
EmperumAnAr Ramanuja, then he would not be completely blessed by the Lord
Sriman Narayanan. I am blessed with his sambandham and hence there is no
reason for me to have any grief anymore- says Amudhanaar.

ǫ̃۽§²Ý õ̮ӿ²©Ú ©ß£ªÛ ¡¯±Û±Ó* õ²ÝÑ ëß²Ý õ¾±ËªÛ-
®Ì¨Û½§²Ý õ²Ó ùªÛ õìߪßÒ£²Ý,* ª²ÝÒ ªßª­ì٧ܧ߰Ü-
¼©ßÌ¨Û§ß ¨Ô¿­Ë¾¥©Ú ɲݾªëÓ½èìÙ¡ÜÁ ü²ÝÑªÛ ¨²Ý¾ª¼£ëÛëß*
¼©Ì¨Û½§®¾ì©Ú ©ìΪÛ,* ¼©ìÓ½ëßìÙ §ªÛ ¡¯­Ü©Ó¥Õ§Ü½§. 62

irunthEn iruvinaip paacham kazaRR_in Riyaan_iRaiyum
varunthEn iniyem iraamaa Nnuchan,mannu maamalarththaaL
porunthaa nilaiyutaip punmaiyi NnOrkkonRum nanmaicheyyaap
porunthE varaippara vum,peri yOr_tham kazalpitiththE. 62

Our Master- Sri Ramanujacharya's Lotus feet grant us great happiness,
(Anandham), great bhOgyam, and are of Parama Poojyam. I am fortunate to
have been blessed to hold on to the feet of Parama Bhagawatha Srivaishnavas,
the ardent devotees of Sri Varadaraja, the sishyas of Ramanuja and who are
equal to Nithyasooris of SrivaikunTam, and who do not associate themselves
with those not desiring for Sri Ramanujacharya's Lotus feet. Hence, I stand
fearless and have no sorrows /grievances (as there are no karma vaasanaas
em irAmanusan – My YathirAjar – Sri Ramanujacharya’s
mannu- considered permanent and firm by everyone and holds onto
maamalar thaaL- the lotus feet
porundhaa nilai udai- not desiring for OR attached to



punmaiyinOrkku- the “useless” ones
[aRpar] nanmai onRum seyyaa- not even one good will be granted by
peru dhEvarai- Periya PerumAL Devaadhi rAjan – Lord Varadaraja

paravum periyOr tham- The disciples of Ramanuja - scholars and bhAgawathas
[of the Lord] who praise the Lord Sriman Narayanan with sthothras like Swami
KooratthAzhwAn and others
kazhal piditthu- holding onto their feet [and thereby]
iru vinai- puNya paapams [all karmic diseases]



paasam kazhaRRi- the bandhams [samsarric afflictions] are removed
irundhEn- I am blessed with this sath.
yaan iRai ini varundhEn- I would therefore not worry or have any grievance any
My Ramanuja- yatheendrapriya: vishNu kaaruNyadhooraa: Here Peru dEvar-
refers to Lord Varadaraja of Kaanchipuram for KooratthAzhwAn’s reference.
Swami KooratthAzhwAn had visEsha abhimaanam towards Lord Varadaraja. He
is PerundhEvi kELvan- Lord of PerundhEvi thaayar- and hence Peru dhEvar.
PerundhEvi and hence PerundhEvar- says Sri uttamoor Swami in his most
brilliant commentary. Swami KooratthAzhwAn has specifically sung in praise of
Lord Varadaraja as Vararadaraja sthavam. So it is more appropriate. Also Lord
Varada blessed Swami KooratthAzhwAn first to join Sri Ramanuja and later
only to Yadava prakasa and others.



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