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Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
e. Implementation Cell

New Delhi, dated the 13th March, 2(JlJ<.J.

Subject: Date of next increment in cases where Government

servants are not able join posts in a particular grade pay on
promotion/appointment on 1st of January of a year due to
Sunday or Gazettd holiday -clarification rega:ding.

As per the provisions of Rule 10 of CCS (RP) Rules,..7.00H,""..e.f.

1.1:~OO6, in the case of all Cenh"al Govemnlent e~.,loyees there is a
unll()rm date of increment, i.e. 1st of July of every vear:. Government
servants, completing six months and abov~ in the re~i;ed p~y structurl' dS
()n 1~( at .ruly are eligible to be granted the increment. From the al"J()\.e
tJro\"isionot CCS (RP) Rules it flows that Government";erva~ts who hc1\.e
l'enLJered less than 6 months of service as on 1st of JulYeof ~year wil! ll{)t lx'
eligible to <.lraw incre~ent on that day and their date of increment ,-\'ill f,111
12 months later on the next 1st of July. Accordingly, all the G()Vern.nlent
servants who join posts in a particular grade on account (')f
t"Jromotion/ appointment etc., on 1st of January of a 'year ~_ill beeli~iL"Jl~'t(.)
Ltraw their annual increment on the 1st of July of that :vear. Hol.~'e\~r,
those who join the posts between 2nd January and 30th Ju~.. will nl)t be
eligible for the same.

2. In the light of the above position, some administrative departments

hil\:e sought clarification from this Department regarding date of next
increment in cases where Government servants are not able join posts in a
~)articular grade pay on promotion/ appoinhnent on l~t of Januar~' c.)fa
~.ear Ltue to 1~1of January f~lling on a Sunday or GazettLi holida~'. {n this
l.-l)tl.J1ection, it is clarified"l-that in the normal course, i.f a Government
.,ervant was to join post in a grade pay on appointment/promotion Oil 1~1
()f January of a year, but he could not join the post ~ because 1'1 ()f
january of the year happened to be a Sunday or gazetted holiLta~', the
(~overnment servants who join posts on the 1st working da~' of the
\-\.ili be treated to have completed 6 months of service on l~t of Jul~' (.)f th,1t
:,-ear for the purpose of granting them annual increment on that Lia~'.

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