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Speech03:AppliedPresentationwith PowerPoint & Question/Answer Session

Braden Day
Submitted to Professor Givens
COMM 1020
Speech 3: Applied Speech with PowerPoint and Q&A Sessions
Applied Speech: Audience Assessment
Specific Goal:
My audience will understand the difference between a soccer,volleyball and basketball referee.
Application: In a work meeting
Ethos: Primary Ethos: I am a referee min all these sports
Secondary Ethos: I will cite 3 references out loud in my speech )
Audience Assessment: They are a class taking ref training so they know little about being a ref but a little about each sport.
Adaptation to Audience: I will use real life examples and use visual aids.
Pattern of Organization: Work meeting/lecture

Applied Speech: Key-Word Outline
Hook: Have you ever has a bad ref?
Thesis: Today I will tell you all about the positioning and some common calls that a good referee may do.
Preview: Responsibilities of a
Volleyball Referee
Soccer Referee
Basketball Referee
Transition: Lets start by talking about the responsibilities of a volleyball ref.

A volleyball ref doesnt do that much.

It is really easy to be a volleyball ref.
i. You just have to pay attention on how many hits the team had, which is three on each side, and if they exceed,
you blow the whistle and the give it to the other team .In an interview with my boss Chelsea Day on Saturday
November 15th she said One of the biggest things a great volleyball referee does is that they blow their
whistle loud and with confidence.

In volleyball you are on a small ladder on the midline so you can get a good angle to make calls. You don't have to run,
just stand there.
i. Since the players don't ever touch each other, there are no foul calls and so you only have to worry about the
ii. There are many other long and complicated rules, but basically there are two main ones. Lifting or carrying are
called when the team doesn't hit the ball, but carries our throws it. Another is the double hit. That's when they
hit it twice before it hits another player.
Transition: Now that we have talked about being a volleyball ref lets talk about the positioning and common calls while being a soccer
A Soccer referee has many responsibilities.

i. Being a soccer ref is very difficult. They have to know the game very well like every other ref, and the have to be
positioned differently.
1. In soccer, there are two to three referees in a game, depending on the skill level of the players. If there
are three, the positions are the two sidelines and the center ref. Each has a difficult job.
2. The sideline refs have to run parallel with the ball and players to call out of bounds, fouls or violations
close to them and to call a difficult offense, the offsides. The offside call can be described as this. If the
offensive player with the ball kicks it towards a teammate, the teammate must be parallel or behind the
last defensive player between them and the goal, with the exception of the goalie. They must constantly
watch for these things.
ii. The center ref had even a harder job.
1. The center ref had to call almost every violation and foul.
2. They have to determine if there was too much contact and to administer the respective penalty. They
have to be in the action the whole time and get good angles to see what is happening.
3. In an interview with my boss Angela Smith on Saturday November 15th she said One of the biggest
things a great soccer referee does is that they keep the game under control.
Now that we have discussed being a soccer ref, lets talk about being a basketball ref.

Being a basketball ref takes the most effort.

In basketball there are usually two refs. They are the trail and lead refs which are switched quite often. Here is a
diagram of the zones they watch. Being a basketball ref requires the most effort because you are constantly running
and have to make split second judgement calls. Basketball is a not a non contact sport, but is a non collision sport. You
as a ref must determine if the contract displaced the other and if it was enough to matter. You and your partner both
have the same responsibilities, just different areas.
One call that is hard in basketball is the block/ charge call. It is when a player hits another with the body, in a huge
collision. I'd the defensive player has legal guarding position, which is square up between the offensive player and
basket, not going into the offensive players space, and if the offense initiates contact and hits the defense, it is known
as an offensive charge. Usually though the defense isn't legal and it is a block.
In an interview with my boss Angel Kent on Saturday November 15th she said One of the biggest things a great
basketball referee does is that they are always consistent with their calls
With all these things to keep in mind, the basketball ref's job is the hardest.
Conclusion: In conclusion, there are many differences between each sport and their respective referees. Now you know some of the
common fouls and violations and you can call them when needed.

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