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What about a shuttle?

The Historic Downtown

Parking Facility
The city-run shuttle, which Wouldn’t it be nice if you could
departs from the south side of the parking go to work, school, or have your day trip in
garage and makes a quick loop of town, St. Augustine without having to worry about
includes a stop at Hypolita and Cordova parking? St. Augustine has about 10,000
streets on both north-and south-bound trips. residents, and gets around 3 million visitors
a year. The city only has about 15 streets
that you can park on close to downtown. The
Historic Downtown Parking Facility is the
perfect solution! With over 1,170 parking
spaces available, everyone can find a spot.

How Much Is It For The Day

The shuttle is free and will

operate on the following schedule: ◊ $1.25 per HOUR
Feel Safe
◊ Monday - Thursday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
The Historic Downtown Park-
ing Facility is one of most safest parking ◊ $7.50 for the DAY
areas in town. With full lit walkways, blue
◊ Friday, 7 a.m. Till 1 a.m. emergency phones on each floor, and 24/
hour security, you can have peace of mind ◊ Cash/Credit/Debit
while leaving your car here.
◊ Saturday, 10 a.m. Till 1 a.m.
◊ Monthly Passes Available

◊ Sunday, 9 a.m. Till 7 p.m.

Why park with us?

St. Augustine,
U.S. Postage

Permit #115
Bulk Rate
The St Augustine Historic


Downtown Parking Facility is one of the
most convenient places in town. Located
right on the edge of Historic Downtown,
the shops, restaurants, attractions, and
businesses are all right around the corner.
Have you ever been late to
work, because you couldn’t find a spot?
With our easy to use swipe cards, early
morning commutes just became that much
Our Parking Facility includes
a include a bus terminal, taxi stand, tourist
train and trolley station and horse carriage
pick-up point.

Where Is The Parking Facility? St. Augustines

The city of St. Augustine’s Historic
FL 32085-0210
St. Augustine,
St. Augustine

P.O. Box 210

four-story parking garage is located behind

the city’s Visitor Information Center, on Cas- Downtown
City of

tillo Drive. It is one block from Ripleys and

St George Street. Parking Faculity