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Time Keeping is Concerned With the Attendance

Time Keeping is Concerned With the Attendance

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Published by: suhas_pujarui1275 on Jan 15, 2010
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time Keeping is concerned with the attendance and wage calculation of employees whereas Time Booking is the reporting

of each worker’s time for each job and department for cost analysis and dividing labour cost into various jobs and departments. The main functions of time keeping department are as follows: 1. To maintain discipline, regularly and punctuality in the factory. 2. Meeting the statutory requirements. 3. Preparation of pay rolls where workers are paid on time basis. 4. To record the arrival and departure time of labourers for making distinction between normal time, overtime, delay in attendance and early leaving. 5. For overhead rates, if based on labour hours. Time Booking: Time booking means recording the rime actually spend by a worker on various jobs done by him in the factory. Purpose of Time Booking: Time booking is necessary for: 1. Ascertaining labour cost of every job. 2. Providing time basis for apportionment for overhead expenses 3. Having control over wastage of time – idle time i.e., the difference between time keeping and time booking.

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