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Planning for learning

- Circle game roll of wool is thrown around. Ss have to say things that are
associated with Microsoft Excel.
- Did you plan to give the objectives after the introduction to excel?
- Ss modelling to the class.
- Introduction to excel. Threw a soft toy around (I liked the way you went to the
back of the class as well). Ss had to try to answer the ?s related to the function
of the highlighted sections on the data show projection. 80% of the girls were
switched on.
- Instructions for activity were well explained. Ss were asked if they
- Good activity high level of motivation (getting to eat the M&Ms and there is
challenge as well (an extra challenge question is put in for those who like a
challenge). A special reward is offered to the person who solves the problem.
The activity is real and highly efficient and keeps Ss engaged.
Management of learning
- Rules of the class were reiterated.
- Voice is clear and well-modulated.
- Excel Web Game created a high level of motivation. Activated schemata
about the topic Good effort.
Timing and transitions between activities
- Smooth transitions.
- Instructions are given and the Ss are engaged.
- Time spent on main activity is perfect. The Ss do not have to rush and
teacher has sufficient time to move around and help them when needed.
- Lesson plans are well written and follow the curriculum
- Consultation with the MST is evident. Maryam spoke to the MST and this
lesson was talked about. Good consultation.
- When do you know it is time to move on and give a lecture? In your case
you persevered and they got it in the end.