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Building Awareness in the Oilfield

Building Awareness in the Oilfield

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Review of Gulf Research studies that includes prescriptions on how to build awareness in B2B.
Review of Gulf Research studies that includes prescriptions on how to build awareness in B2B.

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Published by: GelbConsulting on Jan 15, 2010
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Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity

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Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity
Overview To build and maintain customer loyalty, your target market must first be familiar with you. Brand familiarity is important in obtaining customer loyalty, generating brand trust and driving price structure. This paper discusses customer familiarity with the oilfield industry, and how you can increase familiarity to build and maintain a high brand equity score. The Relationship between Familiarity and Brand Equity Familiarity is the market’s awareness and experiences target buyers have with your brand. The familiarity that decision makers have with your oilfield brand can be measured. Familiarity is rated on a five point scale, and respondents are considered to be familiar with a brand if they state that they know more than the company name only. Familiarity is part of a company’s overall brand equity. In our Gulf Research studies we measure the brand equity of oilfield industry leaders. Familiarity is required for decision makers to rate your company.

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Familiarity is defined as the awareness and knowledge targeted buyers have with your brand; it is based on experience with your brand Customer value is how options are evaluated and decisions are made; it drives your pricing structures Competitive difference is how brands are distinguished; it drives your reputation Consistent experience is how well your brand delivers on its promises; it drives your customer satisfaction

In our Gulf Research oilfield brand equity studies, we have consistently found that brands with the familiarity are highly correlated with Net Promoter Score. 2

Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity
In this example, the Net Promoter Score is the result of subtracting those who will recommend you to others from those who chose not to (detractors). This chart includes respondents who are familiar with the company, and is segmented by usage. Those organizations with the highest brand equity scores also have the largest numbers of customer advocates.


Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity
We have found that brands with a higher familiarity score also tend to have a higher price premium index and higher reputation scores. In this example, the green indicates high performance, yellow indicates moderate performance, and red indicates low performance.

The implication for oilfield marketers is clear – ensuring that your target market has awareness and knowledge of your brand affects brand equity, customer loyalty, and your ability to command price premium. Increasing Familiarity Advertising and trade shows are two mediums for increasing familiarity. In our Gulf Research oilfield surveys, we examined advertising effectiveness in oil and gas journals. We found that over two-thirds of oilfield processionals are spending at least 5% of their work hours reading oil and gas journals and magazines. In order to increase familiarity through advertisements, your ads must be effective. As shown in the chart below, the most common complaint that readers have about product advertisements in these magazines and journals is that they do not include enough details or supporting advertisements about the products they are selling.


Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity

Ads often do not include enough details about the products they are selling.


Ads often make claims without providing supporting evidence.


Ads are often too focused on promoting the company name, rather than the product or service.


Ads often contain too many words and too much small print.


The graphics and pictures in ads are often irrelevant or distracting.


In general, one ad is the same as another.


Although online and print advertising is highly visible, it often cannot fully satisfy buyers’ informational needs. Industry conferences and trade shows are useful techniques for building your familiarity and giving buyers access to specialists and demonstrations of your technology. Our surveys indicate that tradeshow attendance is expected to grow from previous years, resulting in an increase in opportunities to sell your brand and products. As evidenced by the chart below, a high percentage of purchase decisions are influenced by meeting with an exhibitor at an industry conference.


Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity


33% 63% 61% 40% 2007 2006 2004 57%
37% 39% 2003


Respondents were asked: Thinking about all of the petroleum industry technical conferences and exhibitions you attended in the past 12 months: Did you recommend, authorize or make a purchase of products/services that was influenced by or resulted from meeting with an exhibitor at an industry conference?

Taking Action Armed with the insights for your specific brand, you can better organize your brand strategy to improve customer loyalty. Increasing familiarity is the first step to building brand equity. It is necessary to measure familiarity, as well as other attributes of brand equity, to determine areas that need the most improvement. After this is determined, you can create an action plan in conjunction with your marketing and service teams. As shown in the table below, brand research measures translate into strategic guidance from market segmentation to brand promise development.


Customer Loyalty in the Oilfield: Familiarity

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