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Linux Ubuntu

Windows is much easier to use.




Price of




Even through Linux is very different it is

Konrad Madden
much harder to use.

Windows have improved itself over the

Linux is harder to use although, Ubuntu
years and is great to use, it is still not
can goes years without rebooting.
as reliable as
Windows has a lot more user therefore Linux has great software that comes
they need more software, although
with it and is free, but Windows has a
windows users have to pay for it.
lot more to choose from.
Windows is great to use and ultimately
a good price, but Linux is free but a bit
Linux is free and comes with free
harder to use.
software unlike Windows.
Windows has a large variety that is
great but is $150-$200.

Windows is compatible with most

hardware because of Windows vast
amount of drivers that come with it.

Windows is much less secured that

Linux; even though they have tried to
prevent things from attacking it they
cannot overcome it. Although Windows
has been out longer that Linux
therefore people have been making
viruses for Windows much longer that

Linux comes with great software that is

free or can be bought for a low price,
although does not have the features
that Microsoft office has.
Linux is great but it cannot support
most hardware devices due to its low
amount of users not generating enough

Linux is much more secured than

Windows because it has not had as
many viruses made for it yet. Also it is
much more different that Windows
making it harder to hack.

Windows is great but is not open source

software therefore preventing users
Linux on the other hand is open source
from customizing it to their liking.
software therefore allowing the user to
customize it to their liking.
Windows has great support, it comes
with a guide to help you navigate
Linux may be harder to navigate and
Windows, and even if that cannot help
does not have the same support as
then they have a website to help you
Windows, although Linux has tons of
books or guides found on the internet.

Windows is compatible with most

programs therefore making it a great
Compatibilit OS to use.

Linus is good but not as compatible with

most programs unlike Windows.

3 Daily Tasks

Windows is good and even comes with Linux is good too and comes with its

TEJ2O1: Software

Konrad Madden


1. What is Linux? What is a Linux distribution?
Linux is an open source operating system that users are able to edit and modify to their preference. A
Linux distribution is a different version of Linux, say you have two versions of Linux and theyre the same
than that is not a distribution, it is only a distribution if you had 2 versions of Linux that are different.
2. What distribution of Linux are you currently running?
The distribution of Linux that I am currently running us called Ubuntu.
3. Can you access the internet?
You can access the internet if the operating system of this computer was actually running Linux
but unfortunately in the test run of Linux you are unable to.
4. What word processor is included with your distribution?
The word processor included in my distribution is called LibreOffice Writer.
5. What internet browser(s) is included with your distribution?
The internet browser included with my distribution is Mozilla Firefox.
6. Name 3 other applications included with the distribution and their purpose.
One of the applications is called LibreOffice Calc, which is a spreadsheet to add charts
or graphs. The next software that comes with Ubuntu is LibreOffice Impress, what that
software does is allows you to create slideshows. The final software that comes with
the included distribution is called PiTiVi video editor, which allows the user to add their
video and to edit it using the tools of the application.