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World Cultures

Unit III: S.E. Asia

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Physical Geography of South East Asia, Oceania, and Antarctica

pgs. 689-692

What is an archipelago and identify anexample?
It is a set of closely grouped islands. An example would be the Malay Archipelago Which
consists of the Philippines and Indonesia.
2. What rivers and resources exist in South East Asia? Why is this important?
In South East Asia the Mekong River and very fertile soil are resources. Many different people
rely on these resources for farming and fishing.
3. What is Oceania? About how many islands exist in Oceania?
It is a group of pacific islands. More than 20,000 islands exist in Oceania.
4. What are high islands? What are low islands?
High islands are created by volcanoes and the low islands are created by coral reefs.
5. What resource problem exists in Oceania?
There is poor soil and lack of a lot of minerals making it difficult to create industry.
6. Describe the difference in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Even though it
has limited natural resources, what has allowed New Zealand to thrive?
The south has much more mountains than the north. New Zealand has fertile soil for farming
and lumber.
7. How is Australia different from New Zealand? (Be specific. What is found here that is
not found in New Zealand?)
Not many peaks rise higher than 5,000 feet in Austrailia. There also are not many rivers there.
8. The 5th largest continent is Antarctica. Compare East and West Antarctica (underneath
the ice).

There is a varied landscape under the ice. West Antarctica is a group of islands that are linked
together by ice and East Antarctica is is surrounded by valleys and mountains.

9. What is interesting about Antarctica's ice sheet? What resources may lie beneath?
It supplies the largest amount of fresh water in the world. Minerals, coal and petroleum all
could possibly lay beneath the ice.

Climate and Vegetation

pgs. 694-701
What sort of climate exists in most of South East Asia and Oceania?
Oceania is a very tropical climate. There is about 100 inches of rain each year with temperate
averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. What are the two categories that exist in the climate of South East Asia and Oceania?
Dry and wet climates

3. Describe a monsoon.
A monsoon is a seasonal wind that causes wet and dry seasons.

4. How does the climate affect the tropical plants and vegetation that exists in South East
Asia and Oceania?
Many types of trees and plants exist in the wet and dry climates. The rainfall is actually very
good for vegetation.
5. Look at the 5 Themes Box (Human-Environment Interaction). What is Terraced
Farming? Why would this be interesting to historians?
Terraced Farming is bulding ledges on the sides of hills in use for vegetation. This is interesting
for historians because of how the gravity helps the water flow in a perfect way conserving soil
and preventing dirt to wash away.

6. Describe the climate in Australia and New Zealand. How is Australias climate similar to
South East Asia and also New Zealand?
They have very hot summers and mild winters. There climates are similar because they are the
two only places that lie completely in the Southern Hemisphere.

7. Why is of Australia a dry desert? What is the outback?

Because of the extreme heat, water evaporates easily in the form of rain. The outback is an
unpopulated inland region.
8. What is the White Desert? What sorts of life lives in it?
Its a very cold and dry place. Sea creature such as penguins live there. Temperatures are too
cold for many plants to grow.