INTERnet and


o The internet is a collection of millions of small
networks all linked together.
o The internet consists of more than just web
pages; it also includes services such as instant
messaging, chat rooms, email, news groups,
dorums etc.
o The internet is accessible to everyone. Uses of
the internet are:
1.Information- research
2.Communication – emails, social media
3.Entertainment- playing games, music and
4.Shopping- online shopping
5.Formation of communities/forums-debates
6.Services- job searching- online banking


o The internet is an internal network.
o It is private and requires someone to have a
user name and password to access this
o One of the uses is the information is shared
with the users.

Differences between the two:
1.The internet is a network of network
intarnet doesn’t have to be a network
of networks
2.Internet is global
INTRAnet is within a orginasition
3.Internet is public
INTRAnet is private
4.Internets tend to be policed/managed
5.Data on the internet may not be
data on the
intranet is reliable
6.Internet has more information than an
Advantages and disadvantages of the internet:
1. Huge amounts of information can be accessed
almost everywhere
2. Improved communication system
3. Changes in the way we shop
1. There are many of fake sites so have to check
2. Have to be careful about revealing private
3. Paedophiles look for children using the internet
Advantages of the intranet:
1. Ideal for schools as can be used to prevent
accessing something
2. Intranet email system is more secure

3. Only information that is relevant can be
LAN stands for local area network
WLAN stands for wireless local area network
WAN stands for wind area network
The differences between a LAN and WLAN
- LAN uses to transmit data
- -WLAN uses wireless technology

Advantages of WLANS
1. Cheaper as less cabling
2. New workstations can be added anywhere
3. Different devices can be connected easily
Disadvantages of WLANS
1. Slower transfer rates
2. Limited transmission distance
3. Physical obstacles can limit transmission
4. Less security
Connecting a LAN to the internet:
The hardware and software needed to connect a LAN to
the internet includes:
- Router to connect LAN to internet
- Proxy server to send requests for pages and
receive pages to be passed on to users
- Internet browser to search for information
- A ISP stands for an Internet Service Provider is a
company that provides services allowing you to
access the internet
- You need to set up an account with an ISP to get an
internet connection installed to your location
- A web browser is the software you used to locate
retrieve and also display content on the world wide
up, including web pages, images, video etc.
Proxy server

- Acts as a web server
- The role of it is when a LAN is connected to the
- A buffer between internet and a LAN
- Server passes requests to the internet
- Passes the requested pages to individual
- Cache/store webpages – pages often visited are
loaded quicker
- Used to monitor internet usage
- Can block sites