Plant- Lab Report by David

Made By David Nguyen Duc Hung Dung
Question & Problem


Materials Continued

Materials Information

Observations & Data (Wera)

Observations & Data (Wera) con.

Observations & Data (Alisha)

Observations & Data (Tomas)

Observations & Data (David)
Alisha Observations & Data con
David Observations & Data con

Observations & Data (Tomas) con
Observations & Data (David) con.

Question & Problem

My group’s question is. Watering the same amount of water each day
which plant/seed will grow the tallest in 2 weeks?

My group’s hypotheses is that the sunflower
seed will grow the tallest from all the plant
which are lima bean seeds, corn seeds, and
basils seeds. We picked this hypothesis
because everyone thinks that seed will grow
the tallest and we all agreed on this.

Our group, David, Tomas, Alisha, Weronika, picked the following seeds:
sunflower, basil, lima bean, and corn. We will fill ⅘ of a pot of dirt. The dirt was
had little twigs and some other helpful things in there. Then we are going to put
our seeds 1 inches below the dirt. David is going to put 4 lima bean seeds in his
pot. Tomas is going to put 7 corn seeds in his pot. Alisha is going to put 1
teaspoon of basil seeds into her pot (on the weekends we will not water the
plants). Weronika will put 8 sunflower seeds in her pot. After that each of us will
pour 50 ml of water each day. We are going to use mineral water, in light area
(behind our couch), and we are going to use normal soil. Everybody will water
there own plants.

Our materials are seeds.
This picture shows 4 lima bean
seeds that David planted!

This picture shows 6 seeds
and Tomas planted them in his

This is a seed measurer we
see will 1 teaspoon of seeds
will be enough

Materials continued
The other materials are H20 and more seeds

This picture shows a ruler we
used to measure how deep is
our seed in the soil.

This picture shows 3 sunflower
This picture shows a 50 ml cup of
water that we use.

Materials Information
Seeds, H2O, ruler, soil, pot, cup, water, and sunlight. Those were all our
materials we could think of and we don’t have pictures for all.

Observations & Data (Weronika)
Weronika- 50ml of water per day (every morning); sunflower plant; no watering on Sunday and Saturday;
water no salt (just normal H2O)
Day 1
Nov. 17th - The soil is damp; my seed is starting to germinate; tiny root-like things are everywhere; white balls
Day 2
Nov. 18 - the soil is very wet; one of my seeds is turning brown, little bit of germination from only one seed;
it is 3:56 and there is something white in the soil that I didn’t see when I watered it at 8:57; I wonder if it will
grow tall and if any of the plants will grow, because it is taking for ever; the soil looks like a wet and a mushed
up oreo and it is very cold; the soil feels like poop; there are some twigs in the soil as I squeeze the pot in which
my sunflower-to-be is, then it gives a weird sound, a type of a squeak; if you look on the side then you would
see some water and air bubbles; the poop-like soil is watery, I hope that more will grow over the next couple
of days :)!!!
Day 3
Nov. 20 - The soil is very wet, damp, and cold; when I watered it this plant in the morning, there was a pool of
water under my pot!!! I found a lot of tiny things that are very white, I wonder what they are and what affect
they have on my plan

Observations & Data (Weronika) con.
3rd Last Day
Nov. 25th - Finally seeable germination. big healthy roots and
soil is very cold a little damp too; the white thing turned into yellow and
Second last Day
Dec 2 - My plant is really tall every single one of my seeds germinated my
tallest plant is 120mm tall. The white thing is still there and slowly is turning
Last Day
Dec 4 - today my soil is not wet although I watered it today. It is 165 mm tall
and the seeds have fallen off. My new plant just started growing so Im very
excited about it all seeds have visible germination so far but I need a straw to
hold up my tallest plant.

Observations & Data (Alisha)
Alisha-50 ml of water every day. But no water on saturday and sunday I
don’t water it.
Day 1
Nov. 17th-Soil is very wet, Seed is turning blue, No roots.
Day 2
Nov. 18 - Soil is very very wet. No roots.
Day 3
Nov.19th- Nothing grew. very very damp smells bad.

Observations & Data (Alisha) con
Nov. 25th- It is 1:40 and I GREW some tiny roots My soil is very very dry white stuff all around
My plant is very damp and the little roots are not really growing but they are a bit. the 5ml of
water is breaking my plant. and some of them look like they stopped growing.
My plant is growing and I am growing mushrooms and it is very gross….
My plant is very damp and the little roots are not really growing but they are a bit. the 5ml of
water is breaking my plant. and some of them look like they stopped growing

Observations & Data (Tomas)
Tomas- 50 ml of water every day on my corn seeds except sunday and Saturday (normal
Day 1
Nothing happened but I found a white thing (not a corn seed
Day 2
Nov.18th-Nothing happened, the white thing is on the dirt. My soil is so wet, and I got “soil
bricks”. My corn seeds are on the middle of the dirt. No roots. If I touch on the dirt it make a
“squeak”. I move the soil a little bit, and I find two corn seed
Day 3
Nov.20th - The white thing is still there. Still no roots, no germination. I can hear the sound
“SQUEAK”, and the soil is so wet.

Observations & Data (Tomas) con
I saw one seed with small and tiny root. The white thing disappeared.
My soil it so wet. I can see “soil bricks”. I did not water my plant
yesterday ( Nov.24)
Noooooooooooo, it is growing mushroom, and one yellow part
because the mushrooms are yellow on my plant) have two things
colored: red and orange. Firt I thought the yellow mushroms are
germination of my plant, corn because corn is yellow, but after I
show to Ms. Barber
(my teacher) and she said that is
mushroms, then she give me a type of magnifying glass and she put
three together and we could see that is mushroms.
No germination.
The mushrooms are still there.
I can see a seed almost on the top of the dirt. Still mushrooms, but now there is more mushrooms

Observations & Data (David)
David- 50ml of water every day for my lima bean
seed except Sunday and Saturday. ( Mineral water. We
water it every morning around at 8:30.
Day 1
Nov.17- I think the seed is not germinated yet still
hard and same as the beginning. still in the same
place when put is. No roots, soil is still damp.

Observations & Data (David) con.
Day 2
Nov.18- I think the seed is still hard and now it is 3:56 and the soil is still wet and there
was something white which is squashy and put water comes out. Still no germination.
Same size as the beginning still white the colour of the seeed didn’t change yet. Soil is cold
and if you squeeze hard there will be a little water coming out. More soil is in bricks
especially on top little air in the pot not sure if it helps twigs and other things in there.
Just for information I water it at the morning around at 8:40 if it causes any effect. Will it
grow any taller? No more information for today.
Day 3
Nov.20- My seed is less than a centimeter under the soil on top I dug the dirt and I think it
still didn’t germinate yet . The other seeds aren’t visible for me. Water was under the pot
very little but still there was water. Even more soil bricks are coming up and the soil is
very damp now there are 2 small white things that I don’t know what it is. Soil is trying to
get through the bottom. Today I just dumped really dry soil, even more air on the sides of
the pot. I can even squeeze the soil and water comes out. This is at 2:00 and these
observations are at 2p.m.

Observations & Data (David) con.
Nov.25- It is 1:38 and my plant still didn’t germinate yet. Soil is very wet and a lot of them are sticked
together. White small things are on top of the soil a bit less soil bricks. Some dry dirt is stuck on the
side of the pot. Even more air is stuck on the side of the pot. Small orange things are on top of the dirt
stuck on the side of the pot. Dumped a lot of water with dirt in the trash can. Turn the pot around and
the dirt still doesn’t want to go down. More water comes out while I wrote this and now need to dump.
(We are not watering our plants this Thursday, Friday, and the weekends.
We’re out for today
Dec.4- My plant is now 70mm and i have a plant that is shaped like a Y and then a plant is growing
between it. One plant is 3 and a half cm the other one is 4 cm. the dirt is moisty less mushrooms.
Plant now is 7 cm and really healthy. Justed dumped water today.Clear water. Lima
Dec.9- My plant is now 7cm tall and the stalk is really strong. The leaf looks healthy and one leaf is 4
and a half cm the other one is 4 cm. The Y is still there and the same stalk as before is still in between
as before and it is getting taller. The soil is very damp and there are more soil bricks on top. I just
dumped the water in the trash. There is another plant in there growing the roots are only a bit visible
and we could see the top it is healthy. Some dirt is covering it. Air on the side heavy with water in the
dirt.Yellow stuff on the side.


he hypothesis that the sunflower will grow the tallest from lima bean, basil, and corn in around 3 weeks is

accepted. The data shows that the sunflower that is watered 50 ml every day except on Sunday and Saturday and it
grew taller. It also shows that the lima bean needs less water and maybe basil and corn needs more time or more
water. I was also right because 17cm and the second tallest plant is only 7 and a half inches. ( Susie also has a lima
bean and it grew taller than mine and she only watered once a week).


he results of this investigations are useful because know we could tell people tips if they plant these plants

and we could also plant them again and it will grow taller or we could just continue. This could also work with helping
people who are already growing plants and it will make them grow even taller.


his investigation could be improved by if we had more time so the corn and basil could grow taller another

really good thing that would help improve this thing is that we could check the internet for good tips or we could have an
experiment plant to see where and how much water would fit them to grow the tallest.

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