Lab Report
By Natalia
with Indi, Eloise, and Zacc

Does baking soda affect how the plant

The plant with the most baking soda will
grow the worst because we think the baking
soda does not help the plant grow.



sunflower seed

Experiment-Materials (cont)
cup for measuring soil and baking soda

baking soda.

first we will put in two cup fulls of soil, then we will put the sunflower seed in
the soil and then we will add different amounts of baking soda to each plant.
We will water the plants with 50 ml, We will water it ounce every day. We will
put it behind the big green couch during the day. Plant A will get no baking
soda,Plant B will ge 1/2 of a spoon,plant C will get 1 spoon of baking soda,and
plant D will get 2 spoons of baking soda.

Observation and Data
Nov.17-My plant is looking moist, wet, and dark brown. My plant has not
germinated yet. I cant see any roots yet.
Nov.18-Really wet, looks like it has too much water. I still don’t see any signs of
it sprouting.
Nov.20-My plant has just germinated it looks moist, and I can also see another
Nov.25- my highest plant is 10 cm tall. one of my plants is still in a seed but it is
3 ½ . My plants are looking healthy. they are green.
Dec.2-My tallest plant is 16½cm. One of my plant is 12 cm tall and is still half
way in it’s seed. Five of my plants are growing.

Observation and Data
Dec.4-my tallest plant is 14 1/2 cmand is leaning on the edge of my pot. One is
still trying to escape it’s seed.
Dec.9-My tallest plant is 16 ½ cm. My plant is green and spicee. One of my
plants is still in the seed.

nov. 17 my plant has not grown at ALL it is very moist and squishy and there is
a spot that is light brown and it looks like sand from the sandpit.
nov. 18 same all last time except more brown stuff.
Nov. 19 even more brown stuff! Wow. feels like poop.
Nov. 25 turning white along the edges. No light brown stuff.
DEC. 2-It is almost like frost on my plant.It is really weird.I have never seen a
plant do something like that.
December 9th
It is really wet with a liquid that looks like soy sauce. It sort of is gross and it has
this ort of crust at the edges.

Nov.17-the soil is brownish white with bubbles,I do not think the soil will grow.
It is kind of soft almost like icing,so the top layer has not yet hardened but will
be in a few days. The top layer feels like brown sugar and looks like brown
Nov.18-My plant looks even worse than yesterday,the top layer has gotten
harder and when you press on it your finger sinks like quicksand. It is hardened
bake soda and is drying up but I think that if I
Nov.20-My plant looks worse than all the days before, it looks the same but the
layers have gotten bigger,and it smells like nothing which I don’t think is very
good and since my thing is hardening it is turning brown because.

Eloise (cont)
Nov.25-My plant is getting worse and worse.My the top layer of baking soda is
getting harder and harder and is now starting to get brown and black.
Dec.4-The top layer of my My plant is getting whiter and browner. The layer is
getting softer and softer I am 999.9999999999999999999999999999999%
shure it will not grow.
Dec 2.-My plant is dying. It is not growing and the baking soda has turned
black. The baking soda has also hardend. But when you squish it down it
becomes soft.

Zacc the weird one
layer of baking soda.The baking soda is squishy.There is no sign of roots.white
in the middle and gets darker at the sides. Nov-18- it is the exact same as
Nov-18- it is the exact same as yesterday.
Nov 20-3.9cm of baking soda. all of the top is plant grown.
25 nov.- almost all dry. getting darker around the sides again. pieces of crusted.
no plant.
Dec.2- a 2 cm deep of baking soda. all white except the side is still dirt. no plant
and a bit soggy and wet.
dec.9-a 4.4 cm deep layer of baking
soda hard on the top feels like wet sand and like cement.

The hypothesis, The plant with the most baking soda will grow the worst
because we think the baking soda does not help the plant grow is accepted. The
data shows that Zaccs plant got the most baking soda and he got a thick layer of
white soft baking soda on top, and Eloise’s got the second amount of baking
soda and it didn’t grow either. Indi’s plant had the third amount of baking soda
and her plant did not grow either. Rump, my plant had no baking, and it grew
the most. So that means that baking soda does not help plants grow. The results
of this investigations are useful because if you are going to grow a sunflower
seed another time you will know not to add baking soda. This investigation
could be improved by searching up how baking soda affects the plant.