Name Christian Carter

Date 1/15/2015 Pd. 1

Honors Earth and Env. Science Post Reflection
1. Describe yourself as a student in Mr. Dillman’s class. Are you happy with your performance?
I had a really great time and I feel like I did well in his class. On every report card I have gotten an A and I am
confident in my ability to pass the exam with a high score.
2. Describe the strategies you used this semester to meet your academic goals in the class.
Honestly, I just worked and was responsible with my work. If you pay attention and take notes and do your
work you will be fine on all of the tests.
3. Describe 3 aspects of the class that you liked
- The online portion was really fun
- I liked how Mr. Dillman lectured and explained things
- I could bring up other scientific topics to Mr. Dillman and he would be interested and talk about them
4. Describe 3 aspect of the class that you did NOT like
- Some of the webquests were exceeding long and redundant
- It didn’t happen often but sometimes I felt as though we were doing busy work
- I never liked the book work very much and I think that class should be completely online oriented
5. Were there any aspects of the class caused you to struggle academically? If so, Which ones?
Nothing really was too difficult. If you just buckled down and did your work you were fine.
6. Did you like the aspect of completing an online virtual notebook instead of a physical notebook? If so, why?
If not, why?
I love it because there was so much more we could do. We always had options on what to do with an
assignment so instead of everyone turning in the same thing we could be creative with it and have more fun
learning it.
7. What improvements do you think could be made to the online virtual notebook that would make that aspect
of the class better?
The virtual notebook was pretty effective in my opinion. There was nothing really wrong with it for the most
part. The only thing I would say is that towards the end we got off of doing assignments where people typed
things directly in the website and did a lot of webquests. I say do less webquests and do more unique
8. If you could give advice to future Honors Earth and Env. Science students taking Mr. Dillman’s class what 3
pieces of advice would you give?
- Don’t procrastinate because he will give you more assignments later in the week and you will have a bad time
catching up
- Listen during the lectures and take notes. If you don’t take notes you’ll regret it.
- Have fun with the class. Don’t act all bored when you can have fun with the online notebook.
9. If you could go back and do things differently in Mr. Dillman’s Honors Earth and Env. Science class what
would you do differently?
I wouldn’t do anything very different. Mostly, I would take back some of my procrastination.
10. Any other advice for Mr. Dillman in teaching this class in future semesters?
Mr. Dillman, you are an awesome teacher who is really enthusiastic. That enthusiasm is what makes you class
my favorite of the semester. Just keep being awesome and I don’t think you will ever have a problem teaching.