October 30th 2014!

Mrs. Barber’s Class!

Scientific Method!


By: Eloise Crosthwait / Susie Sheehan!

Does the shape of a paper airplane effect how far it flies?!

Hypothesis: I believe the paper air plane with the largest wing span and
pointiest tip win?!


Experiment: Six groups will make two airplanes with different shapes and
sizes. They will test the two different paper airplanes and see which one is
best and use the one that went the farthest to enter the competition. The
airplane that goes the farthest will prove that that type of airplane that they
made is the shape and size that will go the farthest.!


Materials: Paper for plane, measuring tape to measure how many meters it
goes, more paper and a clipboard to record what happens, and of course the


Procedure: Everybody makes their plane in the groups that Mrs.Barber
assigned, and chooses the one their going to use.Everybody had a choice to
make extra planes at home for the competition keeping in mind it doesn’t
have to be the plane that you were assigned.The next day, everyone gathers
in the tennis courts, and divides into their assigned group. Then, every group
gets five minutes to practice.And officially decides the plane they going to
use. !


Observations and Data:!
Next, everybody regathers and we start the competition. The group with the
tailed plane volunteered to go first. Their best score was 8.12. Next went the
spear plane,their best distance was 13.16 Wow, hard to beat! After was
Suzanne the plane and their group they were extremely nervous. Their best
score was 14.14, Amazing!! (they beat it!!) After Suzanne there was the clip
glider there best score was 8.63. Next came dark thunder there best score
was 12.42,and their worst score was .56 (the wind was blowing and it
interfered the throw.)!
Lastly there was The far glider. There best score was 7.39. In the conclusion
the airplane that flew!

the farthest /one was Suzanne,BRAVO!! The tailed plane had a flat front
which resulted as it not going very far. We also noted that Suzanne had the
pointiest front so it flew the furthest. But we also noticed that Suzanne had
one of the smallest wingspans.!


Conclusion: The plane with the pointiest top was the one that won, but the
plane with the largest wing span is the plane that got the worst score. So,in
the results of my hypothesis I was right about the pointiest front but I was
wrong about what size the wingspan is because far glider had the largest
wingspan but had the worst score.!


Here is a graph of the different trials each plane had:!

Here are pictures of the different airplanes:!