A presentation for
Macomb County

Information we know…
• In June 2014 the Michigan Legislature
required the Michigan Department of
Education (MDE) to develop a new test
for spring 2015.

• M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of
Educational Progress) will be used to
deliver a valid, reliable summative
assessment measuring Michigan’s
standards for 2014-15 school year.

Information we know…
• The M-STEP test replaces the 44-yearold MEAP test.

• The Spring 2015 assessment will
include Michigan-developed content as
well as content from the multi-state
Smarter Balanced Assessment

Spring 2015 M-STEP
summative tests for grades
3-11will include:
• As in previous years, English language arts
(reading, writing and listening) and
mathematics will be assessed in grades 3-8.

• To reflect current year testing, science will
move from being assessed in grades 5 and 8
to grades 4 and 7, and social studies from
grades 6 and 9 to being assessed in grades
5 and 8 to measure current year growth.

Spring 2015 M-STEP
summative tests for
grades 3-11 will include:
• The Michigan Merit Examination (MME)
in 11th grade consists of ACT Plus
Writing/SAT 2016 (a college entrance
exam) and WorkKeys (a work skills
assessment) and the M-STEP summative
assessments which will measure student
growth in English language arts,
mathematics, science, and social

Measuring Student
• Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) will be
used in place of Performance Level Change

• Student Growth Percentiles describe a
students’s learning over time, compared to
other students with equivalent prior test
scores. SGPs are very useful and powerful
way to understand student learning over time.

• Fairer to students of all performance levels

Preview the Assessment
• This will allow teachers and students to preview item
types and system tools.

• It does not represent all of the ELA or Math standards
that will be tested.

• A more complete M-STEP sample will be released in
early 2015.

• Use Google Chrome to preview the assessment.

• Components
• Computer Adaptive Test (CAT)
• Classroom Activity
• Performance Task (PT)

Classroom Activity
• 30 minute scripted lesson presented to the

• The lesson is delivered by a classroom

• It may occur the same day as the
Performance Task (PT) or up to 3 days prior.

• The purpose of the activity is to expose
students to the context and vocabulary of the

Performance Task
• A multi-item task administered online.
• Students are presented with several
stimuli, and will respond to Technology
Enhanced (TE) items, short Constructed
Response (CR), and extended CR items.

• Administering the PT without the
Classroom Activity is considered a
testing irregularity.

Testing Schedule

Testing Session Timings

SBAC Portal
• Practice Assessment
• http://www.smarterbalanced.org/practice-test

• Additional items by grade span:
• http://www.smarterbalanced.org/smarter-bal