The Efficacy of Desalination

Compared to Manufacturing Water
Milen “Young Slap” Guergov
Tia Tinoco
Period 8

The Introduction:

Water, the source of life. It’s becoming an increasingly important issue in the underdeveloped world. But, the issue is nothing new. In some areas, water may be available
but it’s often ridden with disease. So why not just manufacture water?

o Desalination of water will be a more efficient, convenient way to solve the
impending water crisis.

o Research desalination and the combination reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.
o Determine the efficacy of both processes.
o Determine which solution is better to solve the impending water crisis.

Background Information
● 9.1% of disease in developing countries can be potentially prevented with the
availability of freshwater.
● Those in developing countries lack the resources necessary to release
themselves from this burden.
● Scientists have focused on finding a direct osmosis desalination process.
● The desalination process occurs when an ammonium bicarbonate solution is
used to extract water from a saline feed of water across a semipermeable
polymeric membrane.
● The process of fusing diatomic hydrogen and oxygen creates an explosion.

● This is a retrospective cohort study meaning that all of the data collected was
collected from previous experiments or instances, more specifically the
Hindenberg incidence, AquaMagic, and the whisson windmill. Reviewing
these events/inventions will provide us with a deeper insight as to what
method for manufacturing water will work best.
● So far, we’ve heavily researched the ideas and we’ll have a comprehensive
summary of each event in our final presentation detailing why
desalination/manufacturing water will or won’t work.
● This will allow us to determine which water production method is best.

● Because this isn’t an experimental study, results are purely speculation and
logically deduced conclusions based on data.
● Though we’ll want a sufficient amount of data before we decide which
solution is better, I expect desalination to be the better process because of the
explosiveness of hydrogen/oxygen synthesis reactions.

● We had hoped to have collected all of our data by January, however
we have just started observing experiments of binding oxygen and
hydrogen together.
● Most experiments have proved that producing water by binding these
atoms is extremely dangerous and inefficient.
● We hope that the data we collect in the future is sufficient enough to
prove our hypothesis right or wrong, since it is an observational

Future Work
● We plan on continuing our study by investigating experiments with
using the desalination process.
● We are off track of our original timeline, since we started later than
expected, but we hope to continue our research next week.
● Within the next few weeks, we expect to have the majority of the
research done and work on analyzing our results to form a final
conclusion for our project.