7th Grade English Language Arts

1st Quarter

Miss Bartram
E-mail: tiffany1.bartram@cms.k12.nc.us
Website: http://www.missbartram7languagearts.weebly.com
Course Description:

Students will be introduced to critical thinking across genres, cultures, and time in
order to analyze and interpret complex, grade appropriate texts, resources, and ideas.
Using analytical skills, students will create precise, cohesive, and mechanically sound
work that is expressive, argumentative, critical, and informative. All course curriculum is
connected to the state Common Core Standards for the English Language Arts content.
For more information about the Common Core Standards, please visit the CMS website:
In my classroom students will be expected to adhere to school behavior policies at
all times. This includes the following, but is not limited to:
● Follow The Raven Way-“We Fly Higher
Than The Rest”
● No Cellphone Use (unless otherwise

No Bullying, Teasing, Horseplay, or Gossip
Stay in Assigned Seats
Bathroom Breaks During Specific Times
Quiet During Class Instruction
Raise Hands for Questions
Be Respectful

Miss Bartram’s classroom will be a place where each of you will be expected to
RESPECT yourself, your teacher, and your classmates. We are a team and will be
doing many activities in class that will require teamwork efforts. In order to have
learning that implements fun, interactive activities, we must all work together to
achieve our learning goals. I challenge each of you to work hard and be a part of
this exciting adventure we are about to embark on together!

Bell Schedule
Block 1: 9:15-10:29
Block 2: Planning/Electives
Block 3: 11:46-1:44
Block 4: 1:46-3:01
Block 5: 3:03-4:15
Required Materials:
7th Grade English Language Arts Textbook (provided)
5 Subject Notebook
Pencils/Red Pen

The course projects, presentations, and examinations will be evaluated throughout each
quarter. In addition, students will be expected to participate in all class activities;
therefore, there will be a hefty participation grade. Participation will be graded by
random journal and folder checks of work that is to be completed in class, as well as
participation in group discussions and activities.

Grading Policy
(Percentages set by CMS)

Formal Assessments: Tests, Essays, Projects, Notebook Checks
Informal Assessments: Participation, Homework, Quizzes, Classwork 35%
Late Work: It is very important for students to get work in on time, but sometimes

situations arise that make it difficult. I always accept late work, but students will lose a
maximum of 10 points off of their grade per day that the assignment is late. On the 5th
day the assignment will receive a maximum grade of 50% in the Gradebook.
Extra Credit: Opportunities for extra credit points will be available throughout the school
year at my discretion. However, the students must do their classwork before I ever
contemplate the opportunity for them to have the ability to complete extra credit.

I will try my best to get students their assignments back as soon as possible. In addition, I
will work hard to post weekly calendars on my Weebly website in hopes to provide a
brief overview of what is going on in the classroom. If there are any questions or
concerns, please feel free to email or post a comment on my website under the blog tab.

● Powerschool (CMS Website)
● Remind 101
● My Website
● Todaysmeet.com
● Holt Literature Book and Online Resources

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