Mackenzie Ramage

Mrs. Brown
Period 4
8 January 2015

Barbados: Cultural Living
When we think about Barbados, we imagine blue skies, sandy beaches, tropical
climate, exotic sunsets and sunrises, and
delicious fresh fruits. Barbados is the
eastern most Caribbean island that was
created by the collision of the Atlantic
coastal and Caribbean plates. The
location of Barbados is on the Atlantic
Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Barbados
has a flat geography with the highest

point on the island giving only 1102 feet at Mount Hillaby. During the early English
colonial times, the abundance of sugar provided the grandeur of the great plantation
homes that enrich the solid structures and furnishings. The climate is tropical which
means hurricanes and tropical storms could occur with warm temperatures. Barbados is a
beautiful island with many outstanding features that distinguish it from other surrounding

Barbadians are people born on Barbados or people born anywhere else with at
least one Barbadian parent. Although Barbadians can be located in in the surrounding
countries that still show respect for their country by maintaining their own cultural
beliefs. By maintaining these cultural beliefs, it honors the families and friends who carry
on the Barbadian tradition. Barbados has become well known for its contribution to its
success through strong cultural beliefs, which has strengthening the country.
Historically, the interior design aspect for housing in Barbados starts with homes
that have been built in earlier times
that have a significant meaning to
Barbadians. The coral limestone is
an example that shows how the
culture has a meaning to providing
the most important building block.
New residential estates that are

middle class or higher may have

features such as satellite dishes and solar panels. Originally, Chattel houses were
designed to be taken apart or relocated because slaves could not own land and looked
shabby or dilapidated. Meanwhile, some have the look of being fresh with a bright color.
Many plantation houses no longer exist because they have been taken over by the
Barbados National Trust that mainly focuses on the historic interest. Homes like the St.
Nicolas Abbey in St. Peter have interiors with gorgeous antiques and paintings that
resemble that take one back to the era of the plantation life. Throughout time, Barbados
has improved the interior designs that have drawn attention of many people.

When renovating a property in Barbados, it is very important to keep a taste of
Caribbean. Having its own Barbadian quality and style of a typical house depends on the
location and people around it. Using Barbados natural coral limestone from the ancient
sea cliffs that have become the most
recognized building blocks of homes sets
Barbados apart from neighbors in the
Caribbean style. Barbados has many
skilled craftsmen working with these
materials to enhance the motif and

ambient feel of the Caribbean. Many of
the interior design companies put in
motivation, dedication, and determination to create the best luxurious designs and
fulfilling the clients’ interior and exterior needs. Lastly, interior designers across
Barbados fulfill many dreams Barbadians imagine for their homes.
I will pursue the Caribbean feel around the living room full of happiness and joy.
For my design, using a light color scheme such as light blue, or light green will bring out
the island feel. My living room will feature comfortable furniture that allowed easy
access to the living and outdoor space. In order to meet the needs to create the Caribbean
feel, I will incorporate comfortable luxurious features into this space.
To conclude, Barbados interior design elements are popular in many homes and
are recognized through understanding Barbadian cultural beliefs. Historically and
traditionally, the Barbadian culture has influenced the pride and passion of the interior
design aspects of the country of Barbados.

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