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Tropical rainforest

Tropical rain forest are located in a belt around the earth near the equator, the
climate is very warm and its average temperature is about 80F degrees, and the rain
fall is about 200 to 450 cm of rain, in a year, tropical rain forest are hold to many
different species for example like insects birds mammals and hundreds of different
plant life. One animals would be an ant eater and its adaptation is that it has a really
long tong so it can get its food and one plant from this region would be a venues fly
trap plant and its adaptation is that it can close down any insect that trys to land on
it. The rain forest are being affected by humans by deforestation and that we
already have cut more then half of the worlds rain forest down for wood.

Temperate forest

Temperate forest are in north America, Australia, and New Zealand, the forest have
large amounts of precipitation, high humidity and moderate temperatures, the plant
and animal life that live in this forest are like many pines and hard wood like maple
and oak, one animal would be like a deer, they eat grass and graze on trees, and a
maple trees lose there leafs to store energy so that can grow in the summer and
spring, the average rain fall in temperate forest are 30 to 60 inches a year and the
temperature is 75F, the human impact to the forest would be pollution and killing
the trees and cutting down the woods in this region,


The taiga biome is the northern coniferous forest that stretches in a broad band
across the northern hemisphere just below the artic circle, the climate of this biome
is very cold and there is a lot if snow, the average temperature is -5 to 5 digress F
and the average rain fall is 30 to 85 cm, the plant and animal that live in this biome
are like pines trees and animals with thick fur and big feet, the pine tree does not
lose water much because of the wax on the leafs and one animal that lives in the
taiga biome would be the snowshoe rabbit because of its large feet and its ability to
change the color of its fur during the winter, the human impact and main reason
would be logging the biome.


The savanna is a tropical biome dominated by grasses, shrubs, and small trees, the
climate is a wet/dry in different months if the year, the average temperature of the
biome is about 60 to 80 degrees F, and the average amount of precipitation is about
20 to 40 in, the plants and animals that live in this biome are able to survive with
out water for a long amount of time and plants store the water in different ways, the
thorn plant are protecting its self from animals any have thorns on it and one animal
would be a elephant, the elephants have a long trunk so they can reach the tall
trees, the most human impact on this biome would be hunters by killing off most of
the animals for resources or even money.


Is a temperate shrub land biome that is found in all fives parts of the world with a
Mediterranean climate, these places have moderately dry, coastal climates with
little or no rain water in the summer, the average rainfall is about 10-20 cm a year
and the temperature is 64 F, the plants and animal life that live hear is small plants
and animals that are able to camouflage them selves easily, one animals is the
lizards and a plant would be scrub oak and the lizards can camouflage easily and
the oak can conserve water, the human impact is that humans are destroying the
vegetation and lumberjacks are cutting down the trees.


Areas that have widely scattered vegetation and receive very little rain, it barley
rains and some times there is no vegetation at all, the average temperature is about
66 to 77 degrees F, and the rainfall is about 1cm, the animals and plants that live
there are able to survive with out water for many of days, one plant would be a
cactus because it can hold water inside of it, and one animal is a rattlesnake, there
scaly skin so water wont release easily, human impact is mining and driving offroad
vehicles around.


the biome is located in northern artic regions, the winter is really cold and dry to
permit the growth of trees in this biome, the tundra has layers called permafrost, the
average temperature is about -30 F and the average rainfall is about 15 to 25 cm,
the plant an animal life is a lot if different bird and insects and the plant life is
mostly mosses and lichens, one type of plant life that live there are lichens and they
can just grow on rock and soil and one animal that live there are black flies, there
come in swarms when the summer arrives and help feed the birds and human
impact on the tundra is mining and over hunting the area for clothes and meat.

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