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Like the touch of rain

In the first four lines the poet started narrating the poem from the love he feels for a
lady. The thoughts of love for that lady washes over Edward like rain drops while he
walks away to see her. The narrated his happiness that he feels by this simple act of
walking. He laughs & sings with the giddiness of love & refers rain.

In the 5th line he states love with ferocity that he feels for her. He explained this by
comparing it with gentle droplets. He started turning the gentle rain drops into the
burning storm. In the 8th line the poet has described the scene when he ultimately
reached her door to approach her. The 8th line explains her saying “Go now”. The
poet was deeply hurt by that rejection from her. This all resulted into further insight
into the sign he uses in rain & the door of that girl’s place.

The last 4 line of the poem is about the shutting of the door which is never going to
open for him ever. The door is a symbol that the poet uses to explain the big wall
that people put to overcome or safe guard their deep emotions. The poet has stated
“That was never shut before and will not open again” which means that the door
was opened only once just to greet him. The shutting of the door states the
rejection that he faces which embarked rising of big invisible walls that people build
intentionally to safe guard themselves from letting other people to get too much
attached from them emotionally.

In this poem the shutting of door implies closing of hearts. In this poem phrases like
“Rain on my parade” implies the poet’s deep love for that lady which is lost forever
where rain is a sign of turmoil & heart break.