Plant Experiment - Lab Report

By Maria

Table of Contents
5.Observation and Data 1
6.Observation and Data 2
7.Zosia’s Observation and Data

8.Alec’s Observation and Data
9.Alec’s Observation and Data
10.Susie’s Observation and
11.Susie’s Observation and
Data 2
12.Susie’s Observation and
Data 3
13. Conclusion


Does the amount of
watering the plant affect
the height of the plant in 2

Alec and I think the plant that is watered
most regularly is the plant thats going to
grow the highest in 2 weeks. Susie and
Zosia thinks that the plant that is watered 3
times a week will grow the highest in 2

70 ml of water
Lima Bean Seeds
4 pots
4 dishes
1 regular teaspoon.

First come up with our idea. We will put the dirt in the pots, measure and then
plant the seeds and water it for the first time and watch the plants grow as we
follow our plan. But on the first day we will double water out plants because it
might not get enough water to even start growing so we will give our plants 140 ml
of water for the first day. Maria will water her plant 5 time a week, Alec will 2
times a week, Zosia will 3 times a week and Susie 1 time a week. We will also take
pictures of our materials and pictures of what we are doing. Then we will put the
pots that are on the dishes behind the couch on a low window sill. We will be
watering in the morning.

Experiment/Procedure Pictures

Observation and Data 1
The variable is the different amount of days we water. I water
every day, Zosia waters 3 times a week, Susie waters 1 a week
and Alec waters 2 times a week. We all water 70mL.
Nov. 17- Soil is mushy and wet. The beans are NOT growing. They are not
germenating. I think there are no roots and NOTHING is happening to the beans. 2
beans are moving to each other. No other info…
Nov. 18- The soil is damp and squishy. There are no roots!!! There are some parts
of mold. Plant is not germinating. Or growing. Maybe because I water every day. I
guess its too much water. There are two tiny twigs.

Observation and Data 2
Nov. 20- My plant is not changing at all so….. no news.
AND NOTHING!!!!!! I am so sad and mad…. Well there is nothing else so………..
There is a twig and there is a tiny stalk. There is also some mold.
Dec. 2- The soil is humid since I watered this morning. No growth…… UGH. I’m
so mad……. There is no germination. The soil has a little bit of spots. No more
Dec. 4- There is no growth or nothing happening. I have no hope about growing a
plant…. The soil is humid and nothing will grow.
Dec. 9- My plant is dead. Overwatered… I AM CRYING! I dont want to kill it….

Zosia’s Observation and Data
Nov. 17 - Soil is wet and squishy. No roots but seed grew a little larger. No
sprouts yet. The dirt is cold. I think only one seed is starting to germinate but
nothing happened with the other ones. Only one little root in one of the seeds. Also
the seed is cracking open so I think that one will grow.
Nov. 18 - Soil still wet and cold even though I didn’t water today, its also
squishy and damp. The root is coming out and it came out more than yesterday.
No sprouts just 1 root from one seed. The crack is bigger than yesterday. I think
that the cracking seed will grow a sprout soon.
Nov. 20 - Dirt still cold and wet I didn’t water today either. Tomorrow I
water. The root from one of my seeds is getting longer and a second root is coming
out. The other seeds grew bigger but still no roots for the other ones.

Zosia’s Observation and Data 2
Nov. 25 - Soil very damp. Cold, wet and one of my seeds cracked completely
open and now there is white stuff coming out. It’s literally squashed. Other seeds
are very soft and squishy. I wonder if the same thing will happen to other seeds;
they will squish and white stuff will come out. I think it might be the fault of too
much water. It made the seeds soaking wet, squishy and ruined. All my seeds are
nearly destroyed I think that only Alec’s seeds have a chance of growing. But who
knows? Maybe the seeds cracking like that means that there will be sprouts? But I
doubt that. Root that was in one of the seeds isn’t there anymore. Maybe it fell off.
Well anyways it’s not there anymore.
Dec. 2 - Soil very damp. All seeds squished and white stuff coming out. No
way that any of my seeds will grow. I can say goodbye to my experiment because
there is no way that any of my seeds will grow and thats final. No seeds, no

Zosia’s Observation and Data 3
growing, no germination. I’m so mad… It’s annoying because at first I have a root
and I’m like “Omg! Mine will grow!” And then the root falls off and no growing
AT ALL. Well thats how it went so I don’t think I can hope for germination. My
seeds are dead. Thats all.
Dec. 4 - No sprout, no roots, no germination, no hope. Everything is hopeless.
My seed won’t grow not now, not tomorrow not EVER.
Dec. 9 - That’s all for today. No plant, no hope. That’s it. I give up.

Alec’s Observation and Data
Nov. 17-Soil is damp but not a lot. the soil is crumbly. No roots yet but
the bean has germinated and and also no shoots. Only one bean has been
showing for a long time but is not growing. No other observations of the
other beans yet…
Nov. 18-Nothing has happened even though I have watered my plan
today. This was the second time I watered my plant and I think that my plant is
not growing because I am watering only twice a week.My seeds have floated
to the top and grown bigger nothing root yet.
Nov. 20-Soil is very wet because I watered my today. Nothing else has
happened so far. The seeds are still in the same place and that is all.
Nov. 25-The soil is very damp because I watered plant a there is
germination and one of the seeds is already growing and you could see

Alec’s Observation and Data 2
the seed on the top of the pot. There are two seeds in total that are showing
on the top of the pot and one seed is broken in half and is ready to grow.
Dec.2 -Soil is very damp because i just watered a second ago and there is
no growth and nothing else has happened so far. there is still a crack in one
seed. there is no germination.
Dec. 4-Nothing has happened and I am very frustrated because nothing
has nothing so far for the last MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec.9-Nothing is happening and I think I over watered my plant and that
it is dead.

Susie’s Observation and Data
Nov.17- Soil is damp but not a lot. Soil is crumbly. The soil is cold. Beans
starting to grow bigger there is a little bit of germination by a small, little
root. There is no germination in any of the other seeds. No other notices in
the soil as far as I can see.
Nov.18- Soil completely dry now. Tiny root about ⅛ cm. under the thin
first layer it is damp. I will be watering my plant for the second time
Nov.20- Soil very wet. Seed is germinated so the seed is stuck to the soil.
And the seed is turning green. There is a root growing on the other seeds
Nov. 25- Green leaf and small stem, I noticed that I am the person that
waters every it is 2 millimeters tall. The soil is very dry. Soil is s

Susie’s Observation and Data 2
starting to crumble. Finding tiny stones, or rocks. The whole seed is now
green. The seed has risen. And the plant has split open, and it looks like there
is skin on the seed. All seeds are just under the thin layer. All the other seeds
have started to germinate and they have all split open. Expecting a more
growth over the night. I just remembered that I will be watering tomorrow so
the soil will become more moist. And under the thin top layer it is really hard
Dec.2 A lot of germination 220 mm tall that is the tallest plant. The other
plant is 170mm tall. The streams on both of the plants are very strong. The
leafs are on average 350mm - 400mm. The stems are hairy.
Dec. 4 - The plant is very healthy. The length is 250mm tall. The leafs are
five cm.

Susie’s Observation and Data 3
Dec.9- My plant has grown very tall it is now 440mm and the leafs are 6
cm long and the longest is 8cm.

The hypothesis, the plant that got watered most would grow the most is
rejected. The data shows that the person who watered most got the tallest and
healthiest plant. The results of the investigation is useful because it shows that
a healthy plant needs to be watered once a week. The investigation could be
improved by watering every day (I forgot 2 times).