The Changing

New Mexico — Friday, January, 16 2015 — 2 pages

"People are clamoring to hear
good ideas as opposed to the
lesser of two evils . . . Either
the Democrats are going to
win or the Republicans are
going to win, but the losers
are all of us out here as
citizens that really do want
meaningful change, and none
of it's happening. There's no
dialogue regarding
meaningful change and I’m
determined to change that."


with a quirky take on social
issues. Gary is man who
knows what he wants and will
stop at nothing until he
achieves it. By climbing
Mount Everest and attending
triathlons, he has proved that
he is definitely up for a
Gary campaigned for the
2012 Republican presidential
In December 2011 he
announced he would pursue
the presidential nomination
of the Libertarian Party for
the 2012 general election.
The Libertarian National
Convention in May, 2012
chose Johnson as the party's
candidate. In November
2014, Johnson announced he
would pursue the presidential
nomination of the Libertarian

Johnson has stated that the
best environmental practices
are due to a good economy.
He says "America needs to
be a land with a clean
environment," and supports
"clean-air and clean-water
action and believe[s] in
conservationism." He cites
the Environmental Protection
Agency as an example of
good government. Johnson
has stated he agrees that
human carbon emissions do
impact the climate. However,
he opposes mandatory capand-trade policies, and favors
allowing private businesses
to build more coal-fired
power plants, creating jobs.
Johnson believes that the
"costs of healthcare are out
of control and something
needs to be done to return

Gary Johnson, a libertarian
and former governor of New
Mexico, pitches himself as a
fierce small-government
deficit hawk

approach should be the
foundation of any solution. A
health care insurance system
that is privately owned and
managed is the best
approach to solving our
health care problems." He
favors tort reform and control
of frivolous lawsuits as
means cutting costs of health


Party for the 2016 general
election. Johnson has taken
positions on many political
issues as revealed through
his public comments, his
gubernatorial record, his Our
America Initiative and his
campaigns to win the
Republican and Libertarian

health care to fiscal
solvency." He does "not
believe that government
should be taking over the
health care system." Instead,
he believes that a "marketbased

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