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Military Careers Assignment
DIRECTIONS: Answer all questions in complete sentences. Change your responses to
another color or bold.
Part I: Before Research
1. Have you considered the military as an option after graduation?
No. I haven’t really looked through the military and the jobs they offer.
2. If yes, what branch are you thinking about?
If no, why have you not considered the military?
I just don’t think the military is for me. I would rather go to college and get right
into my career. But I have thought about it a little bit just because of my
3. From what sources have you built your opinion on military careers? (Family, friends, TV shows,
news, etc.)
My brother is going to the Marines in January and I have seen him start training
and get ready for it. I am very proud of him. I just don’t think it is for me.

Part II: Research
In this section, you will go to the website for the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force to
research information about different jobs available – not everyone is a front-line soldier!
Fill in information on the table provided in your own words!
**Note – the Army’s website is the easiest to navigate to find details about specific jobs.
Radiology Specialist
A Radiology Specialist
is the person who
does the X-Rays and
treating injuries and
10 weeks of Basic
Combat Training,
24 weeks of
Advanced Individual
And practice with
Interested in Algebra
and Biology, High
attention to detail,
and enjoying helping

Military Police
Military Police protect
the people on the
base and the area.
They will respond to
any emergencies.
20 weeks of One
Station Unit Training,
on-the-job instruction
in police methods,
And part of the time
is spent in the
classroom and the
other in the field.
Interested in Law
Remain calm,
Being able to interact
with other people.

Required ASVAB

Skilled Technical (106)

Skilled Technician (91)

Future Civilian

You will have a
certification in
Radiology. It will help
you in a career of X-

It will help you prepare
a career in law
enforcement or with
federal and state.



Helpful Skills

Aviation Officer
A Aviation Officer
coordinates and leads
the army helicopters.
Compete Aviation

Physically and
mentally fit to perform
under pressure,
Ability to make quick
Didn’t say

Helps you for a career
in business

Name: _______________________________________
Ray Technician and
nuclear medicines.
Related Jobs

Health Care Specialist,
Pharmacy Specialist,
Operating room


Criminal Investigation
Internment specialist.

Signal Officer,
Transportation Officer,
Warrant Officer Corps.

Part III – Response
4. Which of the 3 military jobs would you like best? Why?
I would probably say Radiation Specialist because I like the medical field and I
have thought of being a radiation specialist before, just not in the military.
5. Did you know that this job existed before? Or, are you surprised that it exists?
Yes I knew this job existed.
6. Now that you’ve looked into this career, do you think it might be a good option for you? Weigh
the pros and cons of military service, government benefits, and being able to transition into a
civilian career with the other paths to the career (usually college).
Um it could be but I don’t think the military is for me. I like at the pros it gives
and the respect it gives you but I don’t think I would go into the military.