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Military Careers Assignment
DIRECTIONS: Answer all questions in complete sentences. Change your responses to
another color or bold.
Part I: Before Research
1. Have you considered the military as an option after graduation?
I have not considered a military career as an option after graduation.
2. If yes, what branch are you thinking about?
If no, why have you not considered the military?
I’ve never been interested in the military because I don’t think I would like working
in that environment.
3. From what sources have you built your opinion on military careers? (Family, friends, TV shows,
news, etc.)
My brother is in the Air Force and both of my grandfathers were in the navy.

Part II: Research
In this section, you will go to the website for the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force to
research information about different jobs available – not everyone is a front-line soldier!
Fill in information on the table provided in your own words!
**Note – the Army’s website is the easiest to navigate to find details about specific jobs.
Army Musician

Army Biochemist

Plays in the Army
band to entertain or
take part in
Same combat training
as a soldier as well as
music comprehension

Tests and research for
the benefit of national
Officer Basic
Leadership Course,
social/leader skills

Video and sound
equipment operation

Helpful Skills

Getting to know your
instrument(s) and
playing with poise

Decision making skills,
ability to work under
pressure, technical

Required ASVAB



appreciation for art,
interest in
photography and
91, 93

Future Civilian

Any job in an
orchestra or choir, as
well as playing at
clubs and ceremonies
Special band
musician, Band Officer

Biochemist or

Film production, radio
and television


Visual Information
Equipment Officer



Related Jobs

Uses video footage to
document and
noncombat operations

Part III – Response
4. Which of the 3 military jobs would you like best? Why?
I would like Army Musicianship because I am very interested in music.

Name: _______________________________________
5. Did you know that this job existed before? Or, are you surprised that it exists?
I did not know that this job existed, but it is definitely necessary.
6. Now that you’ve looked into this career, do you think it might be a good option for you? Weigh
the pros and cons of military service, government benefits, and being able to transition into a
civilian career with the other paths to the career (usually college). As a fall back career, I
would definitely consider being an Army Musician.