Carver Community Organization Grant

Proposal to the
Carver Community Organization respectfully requests a $

grant from the

to support operations at its Neighborhood Center, which is a state-licensed
center and has provided opportunities to families in Evansville’s community for nearly half a
Mission & Vision
Carver Community Organization's Mission...
To provide unique programs and services within a safe environment that teaches
respect for self, others and the community.

Carver Community Organization's Vision...
Carver will be the most influential organization changing lives of the total family by
growing from the past and preparing for the future.
Carver Community Organization serves the community by giving busy parents peace
of mind and creating a fun, safe environment for children to play and learn. Carver
Community Organization is conveniently located at the corner of SE 8th Street and Cherry
Street and serves the Evansville area.
Carver is dedicated to fostering a better community by supporting families and
helping them develop. . Carver strives to change lives by providing unique programs to assist
families with childcare, educational services, and senior services by extending our
community service to all generations. Carver has three facilities in Evansville’s downtown
area. In 1999, Carver built the Carver Neighborhood Center, our main campus, at 400 SE 8th
St. Our Senior Service Center is next to the neighborhood center. Since 1967, Carver has also
provided services at the C.K. Newsome Community Center at 100 E. Walnut St. In 2006, we

signed a 7-year contract with the city to manage the C.K. Newsome Center. Carver’s Senior
Center was renovated and is now operational.
Carver first provided working women and students with day care services in the late
1960s. The day care moved from the basement of New Hope Baptist Church to the C.K.
Newsome center in 1967. In 1969, Carver began screening potential college students. The
network of community service provision began to peak in the 1940s. In the 1950s, our board
of directors saw the demand for vital neighborhood services. We began with literacy
programs, arts and crafts, and various recreational activities for the whole family.
Our first building was located on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Morton Street.
The site was originally a recreational facility the U.S.O. provided for servicemen. The first
use of the site by Carver was as a recreational center for local teens. The Carver Community
Organization evolved from a study administered by the National Recreational Association in
1944. Evansville was chosen along with several other targeted cities to establish community
centers that would provide locals with wholesome leisure activities. The Carver organization
was accepted as a non-profit group in 1948. Carver is unique compared to local community
centers in that we provide service for all ages. We are committed to providing Evansville’s
community with value driven services.

In 2013, program expenses are 96% of expenditure costs and 43% of that money is
raised through program fees. The other 53% must be raised through other venues such as
grants. Carver relies on the generosity of donors who enrich the community with their
support to assist in making Carver affordable to all. Without the support, Carver would not be
able to provide the affordable programs and care.
Since 1997, Vanderburgh County has offered voucher programs for below or over
100% of the federal poverty guideline for the family size. The Vanderburgh County I.B.A.P.
Gatekeeper Voucher Program, Division of Family and Children Childcare Development Fund
and Career Choices Incorporated (CCI) will pay part or all of Carver’s childcare fees for
eligible families but they still largely rely on donations to support their facilities.
Carver’s mission is to implement unique community programs that work to meet the
needs of every generation begins and ends with you. To accomplish our goals, we rely on

generous contributions (large and small) from people of all walks of life. In the end, donating
to Carver must be considered an investment—an investment in the children whose light will
one day lead the way into our future—an investment in anyone who needs a second chance—
or an investment in people advanced in years who harbor the knowledge of our past, but who
now need a helping hand. In sum, donating to Carver is an investment in humanity.
Carver’s Students and Program
Carver’s Early Childhood Development programming served 222 students in 2013.
The program is state-licensed and uses the Creative Curriculum to teach fundamentals and
literacy skills to children age 6 weeks to 12 years. For the convenience of our clients, Carver
offers quality childcare during 1st and 2nd shift hours. The mission of the program is to
promote a healthy learning environment for children in order to achieve the social,
emotional, intellectual, and physical wellbeing that is essential for future success.
It is our philosophy that every child is unique, valuable and deserving of respect and
every opportunity to be healthy, well adjusted and equipped for life. Every child should have
the opportunity to learn how to treat others as individuals. The child should also have the
headship to become self-confident learners through developmentally appropriate practices.
We also feel that they should be encouraged by active participation from entire family and
the community in order to reinforce proper development.
Also, in order to ensure we are providing the highest quality care, we are in the
process of undergoing National Accreditation through NAEYC. By doing so, Carver will
continue to offer the highest quality of care to the families they serve within the community.
About Our Staff
Carver takes pride in providing skilled, caring professionals to care for our children.
All of our childcare staff are required to maintain current certification in First Aid, CPR,
Universal Precautions, and Nutrition/Sanitation.
Lead Teachers: Our Lead Teachers must have a minimum of Child Development Certificate
(CDA) and be working on an Associate’s or higher degree in Early Child Education/Child
Development, or the equivalent.

Teacher Assistant: Teacher Assistant’s must have a high school diploma and be working
towards a CDA or an Associate’s or higher degree in Early Child Education/Child
Development, or the equivalent.
All childcare staff completes our orientation program and is required to complete a minimum
of twelve hours of continuing education a year.
In 2013, 100% of pre-school participants mastered the kindergarten readiness checklist,
100% of parents feel that the curriculum is adequate and would refer the center to family and
friends, 100% of the cribs were replaced to meet the new childcare licensing standards and
Level III on the Paths to Quality Childcare was achieved.
Level III on the Paths to Quality Childcare is:

A written curriculum and planned program for children that reflects developmentally
appropriate practice.

• The program evaluation is completed annually by parents and staff.
• Actively engaged in program evaluation and has an action plan for improvement

Demonstrating professional growth of Director and staff or lead caregiver and assistants
in excess of licensing requirements

Facilitating family and staff input into the program.

• The program has been in operation for a minimum of one year or lead Caregiver has at
least 12 months experience in a licensed or Bureau of Child Care nationally recognized
accredited child care setting as a child care provider.
The goals, values, and impact Carver has made in the community are due to the
contribution of time, talent, and treasures of our volunteer leaders.
Volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization. Carver is no exception! By
volunteering at Carver you have the opportunity to enhance the lives of many individuals in
your community.
Our volunteers change lives by:

Helping children

Mentoring teens

Empowering families in need

Providing support for seniors

Volunteering at Carver also has its own personal rewards. As a volunteer, you have the
opportunity to explore and develop new personal interests and passions while developing
positive relationships with others. Carver sees its volunteer opportunities as a chance to learn,
grow, and have a great impact on the community. In order to help fulfill our volunteer’s
personal interests, Carver has three different volunteer categories:

Program Volunteers

General Support Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers
We greatly appreciate what our volunteers do for us and they provide their hard work and

time in order to continue Carver’s work within the community.
Carver Community Organization has been investing in the lives of Evansville’s
community since 1944. The funding requested from

will be

providing not only young children, but future members of our community a solid foundation.
The funds will be dedicated to strengthening our current programs and meeting needs within
our childcare facilities. Changing lives is of the utmost most importance to us as we continue
to strengthen the community and further develop opportunities for a bright future. Without
our committed partners, board of directors, and highly skilled staff members, Evansville
would not have the responsive organization that is Carver Community Organization. With
your support and partnership, Carver will be able continue to provide quality childcare
services and give young children a strong advantage when it comes to their futures. Thank
you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from your organization
concerning Carver Community Organization’s request.