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To introduce yourself, to give you the opportunity to acknowledge,
understand, realize and manage any speaking anxiety you may have, and
to give your instructor the opportunity to assess your strengths and your
areas of opportunity as a speaker.
3 4 minutes (timed)
50 points

Below is a list of possible main points to cover in your speech.

Historical overview where are you from and how did you end up
Likes and dislikes
Hobbies and interests
Significant life experiences
Stories about you
Goals and aspirations (academic, professional, personal)
Fears and concerns
Pet peeves
Music, movies, TV, etc.
Talents and skills
Anything else you feel is important to share with the class

We have not gone over speech organization yet, but try to make sure that
your speech has an introduction, thesis statement, body, conclusion, and
transitional statements from one part to the next. (Worth only 5/50 points-
do your best.)
Delivery: You may only take notecards OR a one-page keyword outline with you to
the podium. Ill be looking for eye contact as well as the delivery elements
listed on the rubric.
You must turn in an outline to me (typed) at the beginning of class on the
day that you speak. We have not gone over outlining yet, so do your best.
See the website for examples. This outline assures me that you wrote and
practiced the speech in advance, and that your speech is not impromptu. I
will grade it under Preparedness on the rubric, credit/no credit.
Visual Aid: None.


1. Preparedness

points (20)

Speaker utilized keyword notes for reference?

Apparent that speaker had rehearsed and practiced?
Speaker submitted a typed outline?
Speaker was professionally dressed?

2. Effort and

yes / no
yes/ no
yes/ no
yes / no
points (20)

Speaker kept audience engaged?

Speaker used language eloquently and effectively?
Speaker followed the prompt?
Speaker effectively managed anxiety?

3. Delivery

yes / no
yes / no
yes / no
yes / no
points (5)

Speaker maintained adequate eye contact?

Speaker had strong posture?
Speakers vocal delivery was dynamic?
Speaker utilized appropriate hand gestures?
Speaker had no distracting mannerisms/fillers?

yes / no
yes / no
yes / no
yes / no
yes / no

4. Structure

points (5)

Attention-getting introduction used?

yes/ no

Thesis statement was clearly stated or implied?

Addressed a significant number of main points?
Memorable conclusion?
Speech transitioned well from point to point?

yes / no
yes / no
yes / no
yes / no


/ 50