Bridge research paper

A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles such as a body of water, valley, or road,
for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle. Forest tendrils may be as an elementary
suspension bridge. Or rafts can be tied together in a pontoon. In the beginning bridges were very
simple structures that were built from easily accessible natural resources- wooden logs, stone and
dirt. . There are many different types of bridges around the world connecting masses of land that
would otherwise be separated by water. The people that made the bridges were
Roman arch They invented it so they could help the people pass or the people that couldn’t walk.
It is with them that the story of bridges begins. An example is a “car may arrive at either river
bank to be transported by the ferry to the opposite bank. In the meantime, lines of cars formed on
both banks that await to cross the river.” They are 37 types of bridges some are so the people can
pass and the other ones are so can the cars can pass.
These have never been successful. They bend under even a very small load and split. Before
bridges were invented were used to transport cars across rivers. The earliest bridges were made
from materials at hand and materials. Some of the oldest known bridges in many parts of the
world were long thin slabs of stone placed over piers of large rocks or block like piles of stones.
The Romans improved this Bridges technology by “engineering, architecture, & literature.” The
also made aqueducts and roads architecture helped with columns, archways, and domes on
building. Building toothpick bridge is hard to staring it well that what I think. Are greatly related
to real world problems. The world needs bridges to connect one location to another that why they
invented the bridges .Common types of bridges include beam bridges, arch bridges, suspension

bridges, cantilever bridges, truss bridges, and cable-stayed bridges. An example of a bridge’s the
name of the bridge is cantilever bridges it is similar to an arch bridges bur they support more
force. An Example of cantilever Bridge in New York City. The cantilever bridges is like the
NEW YORK city bridge.
Does not require a support on the opposite side. Creates a negative bending moment, which can
Help the people .This is particular helpful in to the people that can’t walk and the people that

They are Large deflections
Generally results in larger moments
You either need to have a fixed support, or have a backspin and check for uplift of the far
Seven of the world's 10 longest cantilever road bridges are located in the United States of
America, while the longest cantilever bridge is located in Canada. Japan and India respectively
host the world's second and fifth longest cantilever bridges
While an arch bridge might be suited in one situation, a suspension bridge might be suited in
another. Designs of bridges vary depending on the function of the bridge, the nature of the
terrain where the bridge is constructed and anchored, the material used make it, and the funds
available to build it.
An other example of a bridges is a Beam bridges it is bridges that use ropes or cables
from the vertical to hold the weight of a bridge deck and traffic And it also supports


Beam bridges are helpful for short spans.

Long distances are normally covered by placing the beams on piers.
Beam bridges may be costly even for rather short spans, since expensive steel is required as a
Construction material. Concrete is also used as beam material, and is cheaper
It is located in Guanling, Guizhou, China it is 328 feet high / 100 meters high
Another example is an Arch bridges These bridges uses arch as a main structural

of arch bridges include the inexpensive costs of building materials such as stone and
Brick, and the ability to build more arches bridges.
Of an arch bridge is that the bridge requires more support from the sides than a normal bridge.
Arch bridge must be situated and Support it.
Another example Truss Bridge Trusses work much like beams
Very sturdy can have several cracks in structure before breaking
Best for short distances not attractive hard to maintain
A disaster of a bridge is a tay bridges The Tay Bridge disaster occurred during a violent storm

28 December 1879 when the first tay bridge collapsed while a train was passing over
killing all aboard

These is the bridge me and my partner did